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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Does boredom spark creativity?

I think it does. Have you ever been stuck at home, maybe during the 2010 blizzards, and been so bored you needed to do something but could not leave. You start thinking of what to do and ways of doing them. Maybe you do what the kid in the picture did and built a wave […]

Summer Slack Time…or Summer Design Time?

I’m sure most of you share my excitement for this semester to be finished and for summer to begin. While I’m definitely ready for a break, I know I have tons of things I should be doing this summer instead of just kicking up my feet and catching up on some Zzzs. Throughout this semester, […]

Google Doodles

I have always enjoyed looking at Google’s new design logo for every holiday you can imagine. I am on google almost everyday researching stuff for classes and looking up photos and I am always surprised to see a new google logo.  It is also a great way to remind me what holiday it is that […]

No Scratches Please!

Everyone these days has either a camera, phone , or a phone that has a camera. The problem with these products however is that you have to be extremely careful with them so their lenses and screens don’t break. One of the biggest selling accessories for phones is phone cases. Why? Because we constantly put […]

The Point of No Return

Air. It’s what we breathe, its what keeps us living as humans on this planet we call Earth. Air is not a want its a need and what we need to do is keep it clean.Polluted air harms us and can cause many health and environmental problems. With the world ever changing the cleanliness of […]


People struggle every day with small things like remembering to turn off the coffee, setting up your TiVo to record your favorite show, or remembering to buy movie tickets before their sold out. What is one thing that stalls the average person a few seconds from living their lives? It’s ice cubes. Yea i said […]

Coca-Cola’s new bottle

Coca-Cola changed the design of all their 2 liter bottles.  The new bottle resembles their old classic look of their glass bottles.  The new bottle is also easier to grip than the original which makes it so much easier to pour into cups.  I think the new design is great because I always found it […]

Humanitarian design work

In the last 10 years building is the one of  ‘hot’ sector in design areas. Cameron Sinclair and Kate Stohr founded Architecture For Humanity. Through out the 10 years Architecture For Humanity been worked in temporary house, school, movable health office… many different type of project for the humanitarian. As we know people often looks […]

It’s all about the process

“It’s all about the process.” How many times have we been beaten over the head with that statement? Especially in advertising design and brand identity design, the idea is crucial, but the idea means nothing unless you can execute it well. I found this group of talented designers (the designers of undesign) on a site […]

Webpage Design Dilema

After completing (designing, coding, and hosting) my first real website, I am looking back and having some minor regrets. I already want to change so many things, in particular, the copy. When I was designing my personal portfolio site, I struggled to find the words to write on the pages of my site. I don’t […]