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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Design Block

Lately I have been in a design slump. Usually whenever I have a project, my ideas flow quicker than my pencil can sketch. However, recently my creativity has been hiding out. I just got a new project and I have been having trouble thinking of ideas. After sitting there staring at a blank sketch pad […]

Is it the professor or the slides?

I have two extremely boring classes. Both are lectures and both consist of sitting there taking notes off of a powerpoint while the professor talks with out pause for over an hour. In one class, each slide looks the exact same everyday; black bullet points on a white background. The font is Times New Roman […]

Awesome Poster

It seems like every movie poster that comes out is incredibly sleek and processed. The design is complex, and the colors are fine tuned and tweeked in order to create a very specific look. Often the designers try to fit as much stuff from the movie onto the poster as possible, which can add to […]

Is It Worth It?

Hand cramps, eyes going cross and slaving away for many hours. Is it worth it? Is it worth to enter competitions as a graphic designer and putting all that hard work into something for possibly nothing? Yes, yes it is. There are many factors that support this answer. As an artist in a craft, it’s […]

Royalty Free Illustrations?

Intersting site: I stumbled across this website the other day while looking for some google images, and it seemed like an interesting idea. Artists can load their portfolios onto this site, and set their own prices for prints, jpeg images of various sizes, and even the original vector files. The site seems like a […]

Missed Opportunity

Brion’s Grille has a new burger challenge and they needed a t-shirt to be designed for people who win. I’m a friend of the owner’s daughter and she sent me a message offering me the opportunity to do the design for the t-shirt. I immediately accepted the offer, but about a week after I accepted […]

To judge or not to judge, that is the question

What makes a magazine ugly? Is it the layout or is it how people feel about it? For my newest assignment in my Editorial design class, we were instructed to go out and find an ugly magazine. After many hours in Barnes and Noble and rummaging through my own house to find outdated ugly magazines, […]

Typophile: An Invaluable Resource

For those of you, (like me) who are obsessed with type—as well as those who are at least interested in GOOD type, Typophile is a wonderland. Typophile is a message board that regularly dissects designs, typefaces, and takes up current issues with type. Have you ever had trouble thinking of a typeface for a certain […]

Safe Networking

As a graphic design student it can be really hard to gain legitimate experience. A lot of the side work that I get asked to do is from networking. Normally when I do little side jobs it is for friends, family, or co-workers. Lately however, I have been meeting people that I do not really […]

Lack of Interest or just Oblivious?

Billions of people wonder this earth every day. They are exposed to hundreds of thousands of products, type, logos and art. Most of them don’t even stop to wonder where these things come from, or even how hard it is to create such wonderful art. Is it a lack of interest, or is it that […]