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Monthly Archives: September 2010

So Disappointed…

Linkin Park broke onto the scene in 2001 with a blockbuster album entitled Hybrid Theory. Sporting two fistfuls of hit tracks and an awesome cover, Hybrid Theory eventually sold enough copies to gain diamond status. Fast forwards almost 10 years, and and 2 studio albums later, and Linkin Park again decided to try and revolutionize […]

How Design Contests Ruin It for the Rest of Us

Many (or at least some) students may have heard of design contests. You know, the kind where anyone can submit their design, and the client chooses the one they like best. When I first heard about it, I thought that it sounded like such a great idea! It seemed great way to build up my […]

I wonder if to be a designer one has to know how to illustrate.  Luckily I’m not the worst at drawing, but I have friends who couldn’t even draw a stick figure.  They say, “I’m a designer, I don’t need to draw.” But we are always told that when designing something you need to make […]


One of my favorite blogs ever is Ffffound. It is a blog that can provide so much inspiration to a designer, and any other artist for that matter. The blog has beautiful design, photography, humorous images, flash animations, etc. Here is how the blog is described on the website: FFFFOUND! is a web service that […]

Designing for Family

Have you ever had to design anything for a family member? I sure have. I have been told and have read many times that one must always charge a fee even when designing for friends and family. I could never do this. How can I charge my parents anything for a business card, when their […]

Eat at Joe’s

When I took typography (215), I remember one rule that Don Starr taught us.  It was the “Eat at Joe’s” rule.  Whenever you are making a sign, business card, etc. and you want to display text vertically, you cannot stack your letters. Something that I have been noticing ever since I took that class is […]