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Monthly Archives: October 2010

History of graphic Design    I disappointed at the beginning when I had to take AVT 318 which is AVT 418 now. I thought it is unnecessary to study about things already have done thousand of years ago, while we have a completely different world to deal with today. As the semester was going I […]

The other day as I was browsing the internet, trying to learn a little more about designs, I came across the term “Sustainable Designs”. I’ve heard this term before but never really looked up what it really stands out for. Sustainable designs are the techniques, processes and equipment that assist in reducing the harmful, environmental […]

Chubby beauty

There are so many different standards of the meaning of beauty that people possess around the world, and not everyone agrees on who is beautiful and who is not. It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for some to be beautiful could be round big eyes, big lips, small jaws, for others […]

Design vs Technology

The other day I had a discussion with a friend of mine about which is more important when it comes to the products of Apple, the design or the engineering. I am not saying that the engineering aspect of the products is vital; however, I believe that if they didn’t have the right designs, they […]

Halloween, where creativity comes to life

Halloween, the one day that people, young and old get to have fun by wearing cool, funny, and sometimes weird costumes without being shy or thinking about how people are looking at them! To me Halloween is interesting not just because of the costumes that people wear; I also like the decorations that people put […]

Capital One Bank … thumbs down!

A couple of months ago when Chevy Chase bank was switching to Capital One Bank, I started receiving a lot of mail from them, and for some reason I always thought it was just promotional mail from a random bank. I think it was not only  the often mail I received, but also the weak […]

Senior Project

Senior Project All students come to the point at the end of their education year to take a senior class.  Student in their senior class have to do a senior project. For some students it is the most interesting class, because they can apply everything they have learned during their education. Or it can be […]

Choosing a computer Recently I went to the Apple store because I’m looking for a good laptop to buy. It is confusing when you have many choices to pick from, especially in today’s market. Before I buy my laptop I wanted to make sure that I have done enough research of my choice. What brand? […]

Last Spring during the AIGA portfolio review event, one of the AIGA DC chapter members gave a speech about his experience now as a graphic designer. He talked about things that you have to develop as a student before you go out of school. I really liked his speech and I found it very effective, […]

Text Face

I remember it was last year when I first saw a face that was made completely out of just text. I was really taken aback at how well artist are able to create this images. I remember that I also tried to create one, but was not as successful. What I also liked about this […]