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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Book & Album Artwork

We have all heard the phrase “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Well, I do. Okay, so maybe not in any metaphorical sense, concerning people or other situations. But books? Yes! I find it a little impossible not to. As a designer, I constantly judge design. Anything I glance at I’ll sort of gauge […]

On Your Own Web Design

I am graduating next semester and one class I want to take before I graduate is Wed Design.  I have heard that the class at Mason is not that great and you don’t learn much.  If that’s the case then I would rather save time not take the class.  I would teach myself how to […]

There is an amazing blog that I visit frequently called It is already a very, very popular blog, but I thought I would share it just in case someone had not stumbled upon it. I actually had not heard of it until I was searching for digital resources for a design research paper I […]

Graffiti Art Exhibition

Graffiti art has started to make an impression in the art with artist like Banksy, Shepard Fairey,  and Wk interact.  Their are a lot of graffiti artist out there, but what separates these artist from the rest is their style and composition.  Banksy has this mysterious persona with good satire.  You can always tell what […]

Design Conundrum

About two weeks ago, I was presented with a wonderful opportunity. Speaking with a woman about her catering service, she explained she was in need of a new website. She showed me her current website and related she not completely happy with it. Her friend’s husband created it for her and it just wasn’t what […]

Mesh Tool

I just read one of the posts about “photorealistic vector pictures” and it really astonished me that someone could produce such precision. You can get photorealistic vextorized images using mainly the mesh tool, but from my experience it is a very long process and ratehr tedious. I used it once for one of my projects […]

Breadth and Experience

Every AVT major at George Mason must complete three courses that fall under the “breadth and experience” category. This requirement is an attempt to broaden our horizons as artists, and give us practical experience in dealing with a wide variety of media and art forms. As a drawing major, I had to take Painting 1 […]

Eduardo Recife

Going along with my last post, here’s a very interesting Brazilian designer that has inspired me often. Eduardo Recife is from Belo Horizonte, my hometown as well, and he has a very distinguished style where elements from design, illustration, and typography all work with eachother producking a collage-like composition. His works are almost always tying up modern […]


One thing that amazed me a few years back was when I first saw on magazines and tv, celebrities wearing Havaianas sandals at the beach, red carpet events and etc. What triggered this reaction was that they are a Brazilian brand of sandals which was known for being the most durable, but also the cheapest in Brazil. […]

Kalakari Display Typeface

Learning, using and memorizing so many typefaces for school projects I sometimes I forget that we are capable of designing our own typography. Graphic Designer Beth Shirrell created this detailed and majuscule lettering called Kalakari Display Typeface. “Kalakari” translated from Hindi means ornamentation. This elaborate typeface captures and reflects the ornate culture of India, specifically […]