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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Cliché Images

With hunting season among us, I have been watching the Outdoor Channel a lot recently. While watching I started to notice that excluding a handful of standouts, a good majority of the logos for businesses in the hunting industry use exactly the same imagery. I couldn’t tell you how many deer silhouettes, arrows, trees, etc. […]

Did Jill Scare Anyone Else?

A few weeks back, you all will probably remember we had a guest speaker come to class? Well I certainly do. In my opinion, Jill is a super human, and she scared me a little! I am a semester from graduating and it was kind of a wake up call to me that soon, I […]

The Hidden Dangers of Dafont

I love inexpensive/free typefaces as much as any other graphic designer (or maybe more), but it’s another ethical grey area sometimes, as many free fonts are a barely modified version of well-known typefaces, such as Futura and Helvetica. But although some are blatantly copied fonts, others are unique and somewhat well-designed. Even when this happens, […]

PC and Mac

So ever since I decided to be a graphic designer, I have always been told that a Mac is better then a PC for graphic art.  It seems to be the favored operating system for anyone in the graphic design, film, photography, or game majors.  Additionally, the School of Art uses Macs exclusively, so there […]

Recycling Computers

The other day I found a useful and profitable feature on Apple’s website.  Apparently, Apple has a recycling program for old computers and iPods.  The website,, gives you a few options.  The first lets you turn in your old Windows or Mac computer.  There is a screening process where they evaluate the system, its […]

Portfolio Submissions

Hi Everyone! emDash Magazine is looking for student work to put in the Portfolio section of our magazine!  If you would like to submit anything to us that you have done in a class at George Mason, or if it is your own design work, we would love to add it!  EmDash is student made, […]

Pokemon and Typography

I know many people have fond childhood memories of Pokemon.  I know I do.  Additionally, I am a sucker for typography.  I really love looking at type, and I really enjoy seeing slick designs when other people create them with typography.  The other day, I was looking through a video game blog called Kotaku, and […]

Trajan Woe: Part II

So, previously in Writing for Designers: GMU Edition, I mentioned my distaste for Trajan Pro, and aside from the fact that it’s quite overused in recent times, I also found a primary example of how not to use Trajan, if you dare to use it at all. EXHIBIT A: Seriously, T.G.I. Friday’s? Seriously? When I […]


I just saw a commercial for My M&M’s. In this commercial the narrator talked about the new M&M product where anyone can put what they want on an M&M; from short phrases to your face. I think this is a good idea for advertising; it brings a new life to a product that has been […]

Design Rants

Hi Everyone! It is time to get a feature article worked up for emDash Magazine! So tell me…. What do you hate about design?  What really ticks you off?  Let me know!  You can include anything that you want in this category, but we want to know what about design frustrates you, aggravates you, or […]