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Monthly Archives: December 2010


I find myself using this font over and over mostly for all of my projects, and I never got bored of it or tired from using it. It is just because of the different categories that you can use to show hierarchy. Helvetica is one of the most popular typefaces of that is used all […]

Photography is a great aid to your graphic design

Images are an essential part of our design work, especially when it comes to editorial design. Also, posters are always filled with photos, because sometimes a real photo would communicate and deliver a much better visual message. So, high format images are the best for work to be printed. Sometimes you spend hours searching high […]

Frequent Questions Clients Ask Graphic Designers

I was surfing on different websites of graphic design to learn more about freelancing, and how does it work. I came across this website that has advices and questions that we should expect from clients when we do freelance graphic or web design work. So I thought I would a good idea to share them […]


If you are looking for some activity during the break, I would suggest the exhibition, “Guillermo Kuitca: Everything,” on view at the Hirshhorn Museum, DC. If you are familiar with Kuitca, this is a stunning collection of works from all his major series. As you walk along the ring-shaped corridor of the Hirshhorn Museum, the […]

Are You A Good Designer?

I was reading a book about ethics in graphic called Good: an introduction to ethics in graphic design by Luccienne Roberts, I came across an interesting usage of the word “good”, which was the leading for something that I want to share with you all guys. One question was asked to many graphic designers. I […]

Interactive business cards

    The left image is a business card that I found interesting. It is a DJ’s business card. That black disc in the middle has two layers and an opening on the top layer. People will turn the disc to see the name, and turn the disc again to see the phone number, just like DJ […]

Graphic Design Degree

Is it possible to become a graphic designer without formal training? Absolutely. Yet it is rare for a designer to be naturally gifted enough to be successful without formal training. Most designers without formal education will not have the necessary formal principles needed to succeed in today’s visual-technology-driven world. This is not to say that […]

Can you not click on it?

Though turning a blind eye to tons of advertisements every day, there is one type of shopping websites that always catches my eyes — the hand drawn ones, the ones using lots of hand drawn elements. These websites make me interested in browsing through every page, and clicking on every tab to see the effect. […]

Art Of Coffee

We want it, we line up to get it, we consume it, it wakes us up, we drink it every day, but we never realize what we can create out of it. COFFEE. Yes it is! We can create art out of coffee. Once for a school project I used coffee to give a paper […]

Did you notice it?

  I guess everyone is using Gmail. But did you ever notice it? Last month Gmail updated its logo for a little bit. The biggest change is the “m.” It gets wider and bigger so the mail is more emphasized. In addition to that, the tm mark on Gmail is smaller. “By Google” is moved […]