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Monthly Archives: February 2011


Before I decided on being a graphic designer, I wanted to be an engineer or some sort of scientist. I wanted to build a house with a lot of secret compartments. This video brought back those fantasies: I know this is not related to graphic design, but it’s just too cool not to share. In […]

Brit Insurance Design Awards

Yesterday was the 83 Annual Academy Awards to celebrate some of Hollywood’s greatest but over in the design world a likewise show is going on to showcase their talents.  The Brit Insurance Design Awards often referred to as the “Oscars of the design awards” announced it’s finalists recently from its seven categories. The award show […]

Creative Cookie Dough Brand

Here’s a great example of creative and eye-catching branding! The complex old time-y labels on these flavors of vegan cookie dough by Eat Pastry would make them really stand out on a shelf. They are also easily recognizable and color coded by flavor. Most people, even those who are not designers/artists, appreciate good design when […]

400 Business Cards

I’m taking AVT 414 (Corporate Design and Branding) this semester, so I’ve been doing a lot of research on brand touch-points. I came across this image list of over 400 creative business cards while trying to spark some inspiration for my own project. Many of the cards are for graphic designs, which is no surprise. […]

The Feeling of a Great Logo

I always get excited when I see different, interesting and cool ways of involving type with logos especially when it comes to movie and television advertisements. Recently I was thinking about one of my favorite shows that also catches my attention for its’ design goodness, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. The show itself is fantastic, […]

“Wingdings” font and 9/11

“Did someone at Microsoft plan their symbolic “Wingdings” font based on foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks?” – Jordan Maxwell’s website I was scanning through Jordan Maxwell’s webpage, when I saw this question with a picture (above) that pretty much denotes 9/11 attack. The interesting part is that the these symbols are not only symbols, but […]

Clever workout equipment

Package design has recently caught my eye in ways I did not even realize existed. I stumbled upon this awesome package design that works as both a handy way to store your drink during a workout and a dumbbell! It’s really quite a good idea that I feel many people will use if not already! […]

A Fruit a day…

Package design is important, because it’s what consumers recognize. People immediately recognizes the Coco-Cola’s hour-glass bottle even without the logo. But the average consumer doesn’t pay much attention  to the design of packages unfortunately. There are brilliant package designs out there that needs to be recognized. One for example is the Kleenex tissue fruit box […]

The Importance of Sketching to Designers

Usually when I design I overlook the importance of sketching when designing a project for school. I’m not fond of using a pen/pencil and paper, I prefer to just go into Illustrator or InDesign and start playing around with no real direction to go on. Over the past semester I’ve started sketching more and became […]

Floating Heads Everywhere

You know those rom-coms movies?  Have you seen those movie posters with floating heads? They are everywhere. It seems most of the posters have at least one floating head hanging in the background.  I guess I understand the reason for it.  It is to show the big named actors in the film.  It is great […]