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Monthly Archives: March 2011

How To Steal Like An Artist

I present for your perusal, Austin Kleon’s illustrated talk called “How To Steal Like An Artist (And 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me).” The basic idea is that artist’s are influenced so strongly by what is around us that we should be more selective with what we look at. It’s the idea of ‘good in, […]

Words of Wisdom from Debbie Millman

Over the weekend I went on the AIGA GMU New York City Trip and met the AIGA President, Debbie Millman, who gave us some great advice about design. She showed us a tour of the Sterling Brands studio in the Empire state building. They had a lot of great package design with many clients. When […]

Jessica Hische: Typographer, Designer, Illustrator

Jessica Hische is an incredibly talented artist. There seems to be nothing she cannot create: handwritten fonts, letters, illustrations, brand identities, logos. You name it, and Hische has done it (only better than everyone else). Her work is made up of lovely contradictions. It has a distinctively retro feel, but stays very clean and modern. […]

Minimalist Ads

See the whole list HERE. While I was searching for an ad shown to me in a class, I stumbled across this list of “66 Truly Great Minimalist Ads”. After looking through them all, I have to agree; some of them are, truly, great. The beauty of minimalist design is that it requires effort on […]

Daily Drop Cap Daily Drop Cap (DDC, for brevity) is a blog project started by artist Jessica Hische (whom I will write another blog post about, because she is just that talented!). It highlights a different ‘discovered’ artist everyday, and asks them to illustrate a single letter for their drop-cap archives. Each artist puts their own spin […]

Alexander McQueen pt. 2

This video was created as a tribute to Alexander McQueen and his brilliant use of imagination in a different kind of design. His mastery of shape, color, and texture showcased a brilliance and incredible creativity that is always inspiring. The video echoes McQueens sense of exploration and creativity as well. Check it out! Tribute to […]

Typefaces of the World

This poster was designed as an info graphic explaining the origin of many typefaces. Its combination of complex information with visual appeal make it easy to digest a lot of information very quickly. It works effectively as a poster as well as an informational piece. I find this balance between being visually appealing and interesting […]

Design Inspiration From All Of Life

The Mast Brothers aren’t graphic designers. They are chocolate makers. But their attention to detail in their craft, and their creativity and excellence is very similar to the design process. I think finding inspiration in excellence in other creative professions is one of the most refreshing things for a designer. check out their website and […]

Alexander McQueen pt. 1

Lee Alexander McQueen’s creativity and genius can’t be denied. As a designer (fashion design instead of graphic design, but still design) he pushed the envelope in creating incredibly thoughtful and thought-provoking work. His shows themselves exuded cultural commentary and artistic sensibilities that are incredibly inspiring. I think it is amazing that someone can take the […]

Typography in Durex

Yes I know this is freaking creative and hilarious. I never seen typography this exposed! But when it comes to Durex posters, this one really takes the price. The idea is perhaps the most important part of the whole design. Just think about this: Don’t tell it, demonstrate it. That is what these posters are […]