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Monthly Archives: April 2011

The Ace Hotel

Here is some more inspiring work, this time from the realm of design in architecture. Roman and Williams, an architecture firm based in New York City have designed the Ace Hotel in midtown Manhattan to be an incredible all around experience. The place is designed to be the specialty boutique of the hospitality industry. The […]

The Best Poster You’ve Ever Seen

So I was once again just wandering around the internet and I came to the best thing I have seen in a while. I am not sure if it is meant to be a poster or not, but I know that if I had my choice, I would blow it up and hang it on […]

The Importance of Staying Unified

From my current branding class it has come to my attention how vital it is to stay unified as a company when it comes to designing. Starting a business like a restaurant can be a huge deal and a lot of work to take on. You worry about its success and how you will pull […]

Office Supplies Unite!

For those who work in an office and appreciate neatness, clutter can be a nagging annoyance to the eyes. Tapes, staplers, calculators etc. are all irregularly shaped. No matter how neatly you arrange them, they still interrupt the visual flow of the desk and stand out. They don’t complement each other in form. Yes, you […]


  Eco-friendly devices and practices seem to be everywhere these days. However what lacks in resources and other elements doesn’t have to lack in design. Ecooler is an example of how being effecient can also be done in good taste. Ecooler is basically a water cooling system that uses no electricity. It uses hollow ceramic […]

Papyrus (aka I’m Trying to be Ancient and Mysterious, but in Reality, I’m Being A Hack)

Almost as notorious as Comic Sans, Papyrus is another one of those infamous fonts that is reviled by graphic designers and typographers nearly everywhere. While it hasn’t come close to the absolute and utter hatred that Comic Sans has firmly established (although there is a website dedicated to destroying the Papyrus font once and for […]


While I was browsing Behance, I came across Argentinean based Minga Studios. They define themselves as “a laboratory of ideas. A design and creativity company based in Argentina, bringing together a multidiciplinary team under the premise of offering inventive efficient and immediate solutions. Symbolism brings us together round a creative itinerary, it isn’t an idea […]

Comic Sans (aka: Public Enemy #1, How To Fail In Graphic Design, Oh God That Font, Get That Thing Away From Me, Why Your Design Fails In The First Place, etc.)

Yes, yes… I know for my first examination of horrible fonts, choosing this font to pick on is like shooting fish in a barrel. It goes without saying that in the world of graphic design, Comic Sans is an absolute joke; a complete punchline to the testament of horrible typographic selection and design choices, up […]

paper marbling

“Amazing art on water” <– cool video of water art.   This video shows of a Chinese artist doing work through a technique called “paper marbling.” It’s basically a method of water art design. The design is created on a tray of shallow water in which ink/dye of red or blue is applied to the […]

cool pillows

I’m into crafts and DIY stuff. Last year during the snow storm, I was trapped inside my house and decided to make a pillow for myself. I was looking up different designs and styles of pillows and came across these really cool ones. Pillows used to be used for the purpose of sleeping. But now […]