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Monthly Archives: May 2011

More Infographics

I already posted a site with some examples of infographics and I recieved a few comments on them so I thought I’d put up another site I found pretty useful when it came to infographics. This site has a new infographic design everyday. Past infographics are sorted into categories so they are easy to find. […]

Ethics of Photo Manipulation

On the subject of photo manipulation, within the media, it is imperative to be aware of a few key points. The first is that photo manipulation has been around almost as long as the photograph itself. Throughout history the process of editing photos to serve publishing agendas has remained a constant, thus should anyone be […]

Album Cover Review – Emmure – The Respect Issue

Emmure is a hardcore band that apparently hates women because of the lead vocalist’s involvement with one particular young lady.  Almost every song is about a girl.  Thus, it’s great listening when you’re very angry over being cheated on or a rough breakup.  The album cover itself has the EMMURE written is heavily embellished type […]

Album Cover Review – The National – Boxer

The National is a mellow band that has not acquired a huge following as of yet.  The first time I borrowed this album from a friend and listened to it, I did not like the deep voice of the vocalist.  Then one day randomly on a drunken stupor, I put the album on as I […]

Album Cover Review – Person L – Initial

Person L was formed by Kenny Vasoli from the Starting Line when the band broke up.  This time Kenny went for a much less poppy and more mellow sound with Person L.   The album has a backdrop that appears to be concrete with a bunch of pop grunge designs on it. It has a […]

Album Cover Review – Say Anything (Self Titled)

Say Anything has been around since the early 2000’s.  They are probably my favorite band and that is due to the lead vocalist Max Bemis’ vulgar poetic.  The man knows how to express any angst a young man may feel in the perfect words with perfect honesty.  He is a rather intelligent individual, writing songs […]

An example of using space effeciently

Here is the album cover from John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Live Peace in Toronto 1969 cd. This a perfect example of the less is more mentality that I feel has gotten lost in today’s graphic market place. To simply have a sky blue field with only a single cloud really exemplifies the peaceful nature […]

Album Cover Review – Two Tongues

Best Album Cover???

Rolling Stones rated this as one of the best album covers of all time. It is the cover for New Order’s Power, Corruption, &  Lies cd. I have to disagree with Rolling Stones on this one. The cover has neither reference to the name or artistic flow. In my opinion, the image looks better suited for a […]

The CUBE car

Clever design or just tacky? I think tacky. The design of cars has always been sleek and is some cases sexy, but the “cube” trend in cars is anything but. At one point there was a review on the local news that explained these cars as “kid friendly,” and the Honda Element’s interior could be  […]