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Monthly Archives: May 2011

World Record Photo Price

This photo by Andreas Gursky sold for a record 2.4 million dollars at auction in 2006. Not bad for a days work behind the camera. His photos primarily deal with commercialism within today’s society and the exorbatance that coincides with it. They are huge photos which I think really illustrate his point.

What truly makes a font terrible?

I know that I ‘ve posted up at least 5 different fonts that have been viewed as “disgusting”, “tacky”, etc. and frowned upon by graphic designers. Whereas some of the featured fonts such as Comic Sans and Papyrus are universally reviled by any graphic designer, are seen as the mark of a complete amateur, and […]

Why printing matters… After working at SoA Print for one semester and returning for another I have come to realize exactly how important printing is to design as a whole. It goes hand-in-hand with craft which has been beaten into me this semester. Good paper, good craft, and good presentation can make an OK design look better. […]

AIGA’s List of What Designers Need to Know Personally, I love AIGA and I have their website bookmarked on my homepage. I refer to it almost once a week for different things. The benefits I have received from doing very little is astounding. It is literally an endless array of information about design. It lays out everything a designer needs to know […]

Web designers can learn from print designers?!?! I hope most web designers have basic design knowledge but this is good advice for any designer I feel. I know I will be making a poster out of these 7 things as soon as the semester ends. 1) The Power of a Brand, 2) Target Audience, 3) Brevity vs. Limited Space, 4) Clever […]

Importance of Web Design Knowledge Apparently it’s a big deal or something now-a-days to know how to code a website. Who knew? I just thought I should write about this with the addition of the AVT 217 class required for BFA students. I know it was frustrating and almost screwed me over and still kind of did seeing as […]

Interesting Quote

“A designer who gives her art away, makes no pay. A designer who keeps her art to herself, makes no friends.” — Amber Seree Allen Given my recently getting involved in AIGA Design Firm and becoming Co-production Coordinator, this resonated with me. It made me laugh first and then think to myself, truer words never […]

Luerzer’s Archive

On this post, I wanted to share my favorite graphic design/advertising magazine.  Luerzer’s Archive has been my go to magazine for a long time now and I love this magazine.  It helps me to improve with my creativity, ideas and styles.  I get many inspirational ideas from the other great designers from this magazine.  The […]

New York License Plate

Every time when I’m on the road and see New York license plate, I get butterflies in my stomach.  Because New York is my hometown, and it makes me miss New York more when I see New York license plates on the road.  Few weeks ago, I noticed the difference in New York license plate. […]

Book Cover Redesigns

Books can stay popular for many years, but the covers change to attract new readers. Since the cover of a book is its strongest form of advertisement, publishers have to continue to update book covers to keep them eye-catching. This is easily seen in the young adult fiction market. A good example of this is the […]