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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Starbucks Logo

Did you notice the change of Starbucks logo on March 8th? Well, I sure have… As a graphic design student and a Starbucks lover, I noticed the difference right away and I was thrilled! The very first Starbucks logo was created in 1971 and it was redesigned in 1987, 1992.  The most recent change was […]

Paula Scher’s Maps

Paula Scher is a very prominent graphic designer in the field today. One of the things Paula Scher is most recognized for is her stylized maps. Looking at Scher’s map of the New York City Metro, it is almost hard to tell it is a map. Even though the map I looked at is of the […]

Extra X Marks The Spot

Armani Exchange looked to Chermayeff & Geismar, the legendary firm which had redesigned the fashion label’s original mark back in 2008, to create an icon commemorating its 20th anniversary. Using the original letterforms designed by the firm, principal partner Sagi Haviv solved the design challenge with the simple addition of a second X to the […]

Logo Trend

It feels like what people believe a logo to be is also becoming more transcendent. A logo is no longer a single piece of flat art. It can be a favicon, an icon, or an entire set of marks that work together to support the team. Its boundaries have become less strict as well. There […]

An Over-Abundance of Over-Design

Today’s marketplace of graphic design is flooded with desktop publishing making critical errors in design, the most prominent of these being over-design. So much of what is published today makes use of almost every tool in the adobe suite and the abundance of “distressed” fonts is sickening. While some examples can be eye catching, the […]

Designers Toolbox

This is a collection of information for designers that includes different paper and envelope sizes, web banner sizes, types of binding, place holder text, HTML character codes, and so on.  I find it extremely helpful to bookmark websites like this one so I can quickly access any information I may need while creating a design.

Infographic Examples

So in my editorial design class this semester I had to create two infographics. I was having a really hard time coming up with ideas for what I could do. While I was looking for ideas I came across a bunch of neat examples on a website. This one was my favorite.   Anyway the examples […]

Graphic Design vs. Web Design

This article points out the differences between a graphic designer and web designer.  I thought it was interesting because when I declared my major in graphic design, I really had no intention of learning the process of web designing as well.  As I am becoming more familiar with the industry of graphic design while applying […]

Arguments Over First Things First Manifestos

In 1963, artists published the First Things First Manifesto, which questioned the purpose and use of graphic design. Three decades later, a similar economic situation again led several designers to revisit these issues in First Things First Manifesto 2000 in an updated version. The authors feel that graphic design had become linked with advertising and that […]

Anti-Smoking Ads

One of the most provocative and impressive ad campaigns recently has been in support of anti-smoking.  What is the best way to catch the attention of people who don’t seem to care about their own health or even the health of those around them?  Create images portraying exactly what smoking can lead to; and that is precisely what […]