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Monthly Archives: September 2011

By artists for the fans

The music industry is changing. Actually it’s been changed. People download entire albums for free without a cent going to the artist. So what is a artist to do? Piecelock 70 is a independent record label founded in 2004 by hip hop act People Under the Stairs that’s trying a slightly different angle. They think […]

It’s National Coffee Day!

(Actually it was Thursday September 29.) Be honest coffee lovers how many cups of Joe did you take in to celebrate the joyous occasion? Well, to commemorate the wonderful discovery that is coffee and to share the news about the event, Caribou Coffee, 7-11, and Krispy Kreme created special ads for their websites to remind […]

That’s a Pumpkin?

In the spirit of fall, I had been looking up jack-o-lantern techniques when I came across the work of Ray Villafane — a true artist. He approaches carving pumpkins the way he approaches sculpting clay. The only difference between the two is that the pumpkin does not last forever. As expected, it turns to mush weeks […]

Eye Candy

Before you get any ideas, this will not be about the stereotypical use of ‘eye candy’, as our society likes to relate it to something pleasing to look at.  Actually, I am about to take you to a place where scientists and candy makers are taking the phrase quite literally; a place where science and […]

Is there any point to this?

In a society where internet use and culture is becoming increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives it is no surprise that we find ourselves here, using this blog site for our Writing for Artists, AVT 395 class. But is this an exercise in futility or something that will serve to further our growth as artists? […]

Comic Stand-Out

Comics were a big part of my childhood and consequently have latched on to my adulthood. I’ve always been drawn to the art — the stories are also incredible — but there’s something amazing about illustrated heroes and their epic battles against powerful villains that captivate me visually. The covers in particular are something that […]

Major League Myth

We have all seen it. We all know what it stands for. Its a part of American culture whether we like it or not. Its the logo for MLB – Major League Baseball. Its on every baseball cap, every jersey, and every major league baseball – blue, red, and the whited out silhouette of a […]

Anime and Manga Art

On the 24th of September my friends Patricia, Garwin and I went on the Artsbus to New York City to look at the art that is over there. Now, I do not mean that we went to a museum or two during the day; the exact opposite really, we did not go to any museums, […]

Package Designs Blamed for Childhood Obesity?

In today’s society there has been a crackdown against childhood obesity. But the war against healthy eating has now reached a new age group…… toddlers. In the latest study, research is showing designers are using recognizable cartoon characters to cover packages of unhealthy snacks and cereal boxes. When the tots are in the carts shopping […]

Toon, Doodle, What’s the Difference?!

The design is based on two designed characters, both well-known due to different fields, there are some similarities but mostly different by the way they’re created. Everybody recognized ‘Jessica Rabbit,’ from a 1988 film, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” by Robert Zemeckis, and some may recognize ‘Holli Would,’ from a 1992 film, “Cool World,” by Ralph Bakshi. I saw the first movie […]