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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Anime vs. Cartoon

Who doesn’t love a good television based on animation of old cartoons and animes? Of course time change, as Japanese animation (anime) is more popular than American animation (cartoon). I discovered this article, “Japanese vs. American Animation,” by Jeff Gillespie, as he enlightens his theory of both animes and cartoons. Like I once mentioned from […]

Facebook Friends with an Incredible Digital Painting Artist

I never thought I would be facebook friends with a digital painting artist from ImagineFX magazine that I’m a big fan of.  What had happened was that I added a few random artists through this group called “Art Whino,” a DC art gallery based in National Harbor, Maryland.  Then one thing led to another, other […]

IWM Rebranding

Finally, thank goodness for Hat Trick creative director Garth Howat, he created the new logo for Imperial War Museum that fits well with the brand. Howat says, ‘The core strategy idea was to express the force of war – it had to look like a forceful identity. This led to the use of the fragmented […]

The importance of bad design.

As designers we’re probably always on the look out for good design. There are things that will catch our eye as we walk down the street or when we sit down to eat. (Ha! That rhymed!) These things will often inspire us but what about things that are ugly, poorly designed and repulse us? You […]

Kern Type game

Here’s an interesting little game I found online for anyone who would like to hone their kerning skills. The site will give you a word that has letters that are obviously poorly placed. You then have to adjust the placement of letters of the word with arrow keys or mouse. You hit submit once you […]

Obesity Ads

More than 300,000 people die from obesity around the world, particularly in the United States. I can not count how many times I have seen the McDonald’s commercial on TV or the magazine ads, showing people happily eating their 1,000 calories large French fries knowing all the fat is going to make them bigger. Well […]


As artists and designers I’m sure creative ideas are always flowing around in our heads. Inspiration is all around us and there is always a chance to think about design and art, whether its looking at the architectural design of a building, the typography of every store you pass by walking in the city or […]

Insane Light Shows on Big Buildings

What is a better way to show off your artwork on huge building verses a small gallery?  Well this video here is a new innovated art, displayed on a big public building you see everyday.  These lights were displayed last year to celebrate the innovation of digital art and Ralph Lauren’s years of great fashion.  […]

Simon Foster

While browsing through the nets, I came upon the work of Simon Foster, a talented designer and former DJ. He creatively combined his two loves– design and music–and came up with Decorated Playlists. Decorated Playlist is his blog were he posts playlists, which are essentially a variety of mix-tapes centered under one theme of sound […]


Is it finally the time someone has made something that is actually useful for college kids? I think so! The guy who invented this David Edwards. I don’t know if any of you guys have heard of him. but he is a professor at Harvard, who gets paid to make weird, crazy gadgets. Even before […]