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Monthly Archives: October 2011

My Cuppa Tea

What a remarkable idea to combine a disposable cup and teabag into one small package. As you can see it is not just a teabag in a paper bag, it is folded into a fancy origami flower.  The picture on top shows you how the package works from a cute origami flower into a cup. […]

Rebranding of the Girl Scout Badges.

After this coming March, the Girl Scout Organization will reach their 100th Anniversary and as part of the organization’s rebranding, the Girl Scouts has launched an innovation element to a whole new line up of their badges. After a century, it was time for them to change up their looks to more “cutting edge look” […]

Couture Food

Lately we’ve seen a larger focus in the food industry on design. Advertisers use food stylists to make food look as good as it possibly can for the photography it uses in its advertising caterers lay out food spreads the care. Now we see and over abundance of cooking shows that focus on food preparation […]

Blaming designers cross the line.

Legalization of marijuana remains to be one of the most controversial subjects of our time. Products that resemble marijuana don’t go over very well in society as a whole, but instead of leaving the responsibility with the parents on who purchases the products people blame the designers for the packages. Sour apple lollipop candy in […]

Your first job doesn’t matter

If you’re like me, I’m always worrying about my first job when I’m out of college. Will my portfolio be good enough to land me a job at Viget Labs or The General Design Company? Will I be looking at picking up freelance jobs just to pay the student loans? I was relieved when I […]

What do you think about in the shower?

We’re all artists here, right? I can be frank about this then: are you doing what you love? I’m serious. I once read a 99% article that said to pay attention to what you think about in the shower. It will show what occupies your mind when you allow yourself the freedom to wander. We’ve […]

So this is how it works..

Here reveals the technology that everyone had seen, but may have wondered how? Okay, so everyone has interacted with all the panoramic views, either from google earth, to any virtual tours websites provide. This option may not be the main choice for all the major panoramic images we see on google, but this is another […]

pill design, been done before.

  Pill designs or medicine designs have been done before. But these lamps are like nothing I have seen. They are crisp and clean and show how a simple design can literally “light up the room”. The wood is smooth and goes well with the glass. The use of materials creates the overall design and […]

New York Map

New york maps have been tweaked and redesigned for ages. The most current design of the subway map shows all of the neighborhoods and is very well designed. This map of the city has more of a play on words that still is effective in showing you where each neighborhood is by creating signs of […]

Eye-popping design or too easy to read.

People rely on information to stand out so that they can quickly take what is important from an article and move on. Magazines have been doing this more often in their articles by bolding percentages or creating a drop quote with important information. This may be helpful to the reader, but does it make for […]