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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Its that time of the year…

Even before Thanksgiving there was Christmas music on the radio. The holidays seem to take over around this time of year. It is all we hear and see, even when it comes to design. I think its a great opportunity for designers to take something like traditional Christmas figures and give them a twist. Tad […]

Bread Gore

This is a bread shop that should come with a little warning to customers that what is inside will be gruesome.  This bread shop is unlike any other in that it designs the bread to look like body parts that could have been taken off of a body.  When you enter the shop you see […]


Who decides how roads are designed and how do they figure the best way to do it would be? Like if you are driving around D.C. thinking to yourself ‘what were they thinking when they designed where the roads went?’ (Or at least, I think that when I’m driving over there). What exactly do they […]

Which stranger’s car should I jump into?

There I was, belted in the backseat of some stranger’s car as he drove out of the train station. I had never seen this guy before, this man who asked me where I lived in a gruff, heavy accented voice. It was just he and I in his car, and I just hoped that he […]

Movie advertising

I watched a review from humor review site, (warning strong language). They reviewed the recent Adam Sandler movie Jack and Jill. They tear the movie apart criticizing the poor writing, acting, and crude humor of the film. But what really struck me the most about this review was something that I had certainly always […]

Unconventional Mark Marking

Nick Georgiou is an American artist who embraces the idea of making art out of what most people consider to be trash. Originally born in Queens New York, and now practicing in Tucson, Arizona, he is used to the idea of seeing graffiti and trash everywhere. He is inspired by “the death of the printed […]

Keeping It Simple

Just as the world around us is always evolving and changing, brands evolve as well to keep up with changing trends. Some companies are lucky enough to have a timeless trademark that stands (or some variation of it stands) for decades. Ivory soap, however, is not one of those companies. Since it opened in 1879, […]


Have you ever noticed that everyone is a snob about something? Graphic designers are sometimes snobs about which typeface is used, in class we are taught that you do not just go at your project and slap Comic Sans or Papyrus on it because it might look nice. So, because we are taught this in […]

Logos are here

I have been thinking about logos for a while and hoping to do a post about them, and now that we had a chat on them in class, it feels like a good time to make this post. Logos should be timeless, something that won’t have to change too much in the future so that […]

What’s next?

One thing I’m always thinking about is trends in design. Looking back on how things were designed in the 80’s and 90’s they might make odd use of color, space, typography, and can sometimes look over-done. This was a sort of a part of a style that you saw over and over in a lot […]