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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Local company, huge collection of 40’s-50’s adverts

Here’s the website for a company I just discovered, using the power of the internet, called Plan59. They are based out of  Fairfax, VA  and specialize in selling hi-res images collected from 40’s and 50’s advertisements. The 40’s – 50’s were an era when many advertisements were composed of highly detailed colorful illustrations that depicted […]

Why You Need a Website

In this day and age it is inexcusable for a business (no matter how small, quirky or obscure) not to have a website. Even a basic site from a free templates is ok. Why? Well let me give you one example. I have been eating out more as of late and usually make an effort […]

Jack of All Trades, Master of None?

Graphic Design (or any other art based service such as photography, interior design, etc.) is a study in balance. Designers must balance artistic ability with business ability. Designers must also keep designs fresh and compelling but simple and concise. One grey area many self-employed designers will likely face is what type of services to offer. […]

Color Me Impressed

Many people do not realize the impact that color has on their perception of a website, magazine, billboard, or other piece of design. Therefore, a great deal of power is placed in the hands of a designer. Appropriate color in a design serves multiple purposes and can have multiple consequences. Color can evoke a certain […]

Information(Graphics) Overload

In recent years the creation of information graphics has sky rocketed and joined the ranks of social media, online videos, and web comics as an internet staple. However, like many things on the internet infographics are becoming increasingly overdone, unnecessary, and chaotic. Nevertheless, infographics present an interesting challenge as the creator must visually represent large […]

Texture, Not Just A Fad Anymore

With everyone and their grandmother launching a website these days, it is getting harder for businesses, organizations, and individuals to make their sites distinct, professional, and innovative.  One thing designers are doing to combat this issue is adding texture to their repertoire. Texture adds depth and visual appeal to a website and can also help […]

Another ‘Monster’ show, but in ‘High’ school!?!

Everybody seen and remembered the legendary, yet fictional monster shows and movies, along with teenage series in high school life. Though, not many ever thought of seeing another ‘monster’ show and ‘high’ school series come together; which creates this series, Monster High. Evidently, this show is not broadcast on any television channels, instead it only […]

Designer food

Making food look exquisite is a very designer oriented detail that photographers engage in.  They know how to capture food at angles that make it look so delicious, appetizing, and enticing that viewers can’t help but want to taste it for themselves.  We see this a lot in fast food commercials.  A big, juicy cheeseburger […]

Addicting time wasting game

There is a game on the Yahoo website, in the games section, that is called “Papa’s Freezeria,” it is a time wasting game. The point of the game is to get through the business day at Papa’s ice cream shop and to keep all the customers happy while they are waiting for you to make […]

Umbrella design

Umbrellas have been around for…well, a very long time.  Probably since we realized we needed to and could protect ourselves from rain.  Yet, the umbrella has evolved very little since it’s creation. The ‘parasol’ was the first umbrella, designed to keep sun off, not rain.  The chinese later waterproofed the parasol and made it into […]