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Monthly Archives: December 2011

That’s a wRAP for the semester!

Now I know how to put the pen down right!

Mysterious Worlds

Sophie Duran, a conceptual designer based in the Netherlands, balances between art and design. She always works out of her instincts and has a great sense of color. The work she creates pulls you in as a viewer and makes you look twice. Her latest collection of artwork, Undiscovered Wonders of the World, created out […]

Dark Starry Night

This delightful piece takes the style of Van Gogh’s Starry night and adds a little comic book flare. This piece is called Dark Starry Night by James Hance and is a parody that includes Batman and Gotham City rather than a large cathedral and town. Using the same line and color style as Van Gogh […]

Who reads the newpaper anymore?

Every time I see a newspaper stand, I wonder which is worth getting? So what pulls my attention the most and why? The USA Today newspaper caught my attention because it is the one with the most colors and it has more than one photo to draw my eyes around and wonder what this image […]

Art Expression

Zach Johnsen is the artist. He is an Illustrator, and some of his work is created with other mixed techniques and media. His work reminds of the times when I had to time draw and express my feelings, like drawing a figure and having it’s head blow up for exaggeration. But in this particular photo […]

But I Studied!

Don’t you hate when you study as hard as you can for an exam to a point where you know that you are going to do great. Only to sit down and find out how all quickly you forget some things as you take your test? This happened to me today during my Art History […]

Pin Pres

Pin Pres is a shelf that is has billions of sliding pins. This concept looks very rich, modern and unique. It is made for children’s room to place their toys, books, and other such things for fun and keeping things clean and organized. To me I feel that this Pin Pres is not safe. I […]

Johnny Cash

I was shown this a while ago, but recently wanted to show it to someone and have watched it over and over again. This idea behind the Johnny Cash project is such an interesting and interactive way to involve anyone who wishes to contribute. The entire idea behind making a still picture and placing it […]

The Beauty of the Homemade

I ran across this design for an alarm clock, and to me it was the perfect example of a larger trend I’m seeing these days. With our group consciousness being flooded with virtual (read: not physical) media, we have very few occasions to actually touch and feel a beautifully designed piece. When we actually feel […]

Release to the Wild

I just read a blog article from a coder who developed a piece of jquery that is used in several high profile websites, including Pinterest. What makes his perspective so interesting is that even though he was the one who wrote the code, he recognizes that he will never ask for exclusive rights or monetary […]