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Monthly Archives: December 2011

One Page Websites

The concept of a one-page website is gaining traction in the tight-knit world of web design. It used to be thought that every single website needed to have links in it, no matter what. Gotta put the Hypertext into the Hypertext Markup Language, right? Fortunately, that is an old concept. Recently, designers have been experimenting […]

Websites are the new Magazines

I am confidently predicting that most of us here spend way more time on websites than we do reading magazines. Websites are the new magazines for designers and as such, we should be learning website design a lot faster than we learn editorial design. Fortunately, there is a lot of overlap between editorial and websites, […]

Just some Christmas Ads

With so many brands around, every occasion and festival seems to be overly commercialized and now when Christmas time is here, we see every brand putting in effort to wish Merry Christmas to all the people around. These aren’t the newest designs of 2011, so some designs may be not as well designed. Hey, it’s […]

What Do You Think?

I think every artist and designer can agree that inspiration is everywhere around us. It can come from anything and everything. There is good inspiration, what motivates you to want to emulate and try to achieve the same greatness. Then there is bad inspiration, what encourages you to not want to recreate and inspires you […]

Aeroshots Sample: Follow up

So remember this post couple month ago. And I told you guys how I ordered a free sample, I finally got them in my mail! I was very excited, but first thing I noticed was the packaging design, per say, of the envelope they send in was very interesting and well designed. Because I honestly […]

Distinguising Features

I recently completed my photography final on a concept that has been on my mind a lot recently. We identify people by certain physical characteristics. Maybe their bright blue eyes or fire like hair. What if you were to change these features, would the person still be recognizable? Also, do we let these features define […]

If you disappeared, will anyone come look for you?

“An absorbing new companion website to a documentary about Joyce Vincent asks uncomfortable questions about life, death, and loneliness.” This is a story about a successful woman who was found dead in front of her TV surrounded by christmas presents in the year of 2006, when in actuality she was dead in the year of […]

Design by Design

I was watching a preview for a new show coming out next year called “Jane by Design” about a high school girl who gets a job as an assistant at a huge fashion design firm and I thought to myself ‘why can’t that be someone who wants to grow up to be a graphic designer, […]

Take Time to Giggle

Are these last few days of exams and projects getting you down? Why not take a few moments from your busy schedule and searching for topics to blog about and enjoy some up beat art. It is just to help lighten the mood and help you get through the rest of what you need to […]

A Useful Design

I stumbled upon a design solution, a branding approach that may be a source of inspiration to other designers. The branding is for the 2010 look book for Draw in Light, a London based clothing company specializing in free-hand silk-screen techniques to create elegant, minimal designs for woman’s clothing. The designers that created the branding […]