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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Lucky Cowboysss ??

This one is in additional to the @ycramer’s earlier post about teen’s book covers. I was just at the book store earlier and saw this book shelf with teen’s books. I was amazed with all the covers and really wondered what kind of stories they all are(PG-13?). The covers went wayyy too farrrr. I will […]

Book Cover Appreciation

I recently went to a book signing promoting this book, “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. It was a concert/book signing combo event, so my ticket came with a free copy of the book. I didn’t get to ask during Q&A, but I found myself particularly intrigued by the cover. “The Fault in […]

Why India’s colors may fade

Hand crafted, block printed fabrics from India are very popular in western culture. This article discussed the obstacles that India’s block printing craft faces. It also gives some insight into the artistry behind creating the fabrics. One issue that the craft faces, is that block printing is being replaced by more ‘efficient’ techniques such as […]

960 grid system

I am taking web design class this semester and my professor introduced this website to us. It helps me a lot in web design. Hope you guys find it useful!

Why I can’t go anywhere near the teen section

In general I kind of hate the book covers for a lot of teen books. Mainly because they all look the same to me. When all of the books look like this                                         there is something […]

“One Perfect Thing: The Business Card”

As I came across this article on, the opening paragraph drew some true key points on todays technology. The writer basically touches on how everything that once was printed is now only being viewed digitally. Although technology has changed this in society, people will still meet in person and it is always good to […]

Minimalist Designs

article : I was attracted to this article because of the title, “Minimalist Designs- Is it a trend or are we just being lazy?”  I always find the simplicity of design to be clean and sophisticated.  This blog talks about different steps to help you decide what you think about minimalism- is it design […]

Here Look At Some Book Covers

I was looking for design stuff to share in my branding class when I came across these book covers from AIGA’s 50 Books/50 Covers competition and I figured I might as well share. Not all of these covers are ones I personally like but for the most part they are pretty impressive. The cover for […]


For those of you who do not know what this building is, its the Arlington Arts Center on Wilson Boulevard.  Even though it is literally down the street from me, I cannot bring myself to check it out for one stupid reason.  The neon lights.  I am sure the lights were put there as some […]

Simplicity is Key

__________________________________________________________ Simplicity.  It speaks for itself.  The most ironic part of trying to achieve simplicity is that it is a difficult way to design.  People do not like simple, they are intimidated by the overt amount of white space or the idea that they have not put enough effort into a design because it is […]