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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Goole’s logo

I am surprised by the google logo today, it is promoting Heinrich Rudolf Hertzwas a German physicist who clarified and expanded the electromagnetic theory of light. In addition, one of my colleague is writing paper about the google logos, so I thought it will be interesting to put this up with some other examples. I […]

Psychological Properties Of Colours

Thinking of what to write a blog on, I came across this article about colors. It states that there are four psychological primary colors, red, blue, yellow, and green.  They relate respectively to the body, the mind, the emotions and the essential balance between these three. Here are some examples they give on the colors: […]

Art goes digital after gallery closure

While scrolling through short news articles, I came across the title of one, Art goes digital after gallery closure, which seemed like it could be worth reading. The opening line of the short article states “ARTISTS working in the area of the UK are moving into the digital age by ditching their exhibitions in galleries […]

Designer/Client Relationship

Not knowing what to write about for my next post, I stumbled onto this image.  The interactions between graphic designers and their clients is very important.  So far this semester, it has been interesting listing to what my teachers often discuss in class about their experiences with clients who are indecisive or those who expect […]

How to turn fear and doubt into fuel for brilliance

In a recent edition of HOW magazine, I came across the article, “Fear: Friend of Foe?”. The article was an interview with Jonathan Fields, the author of the book, “Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brillance.” This article discusses ways for dealing with the anxiety and doubt that we can sometimes feel as […]

Peaceful Art

I came across a graphic design blog and noticed an article titled  “15 Harmless Weapons Made from Unusual Objects- Peaceful Art!”  I immediately had to click on the article to see what these images were about.  They were pretty comical and I began to read what the blogger had to say.  He talks about the […]

Mr. Vignelli’s Map

The most interesting part of the map designed by Massimo Vignelli, was its failure.  The map was rejected because it did not accurately represent the precise shape of Central Park or the exact number of blocks between one station and the next.  Ironically, this failure is what makes this design a success.  The map was […]

Font Game

I found this neat little type game while stumbling the internet last night and thought I would share. I only managed to get about half and I won’t lie a nice chunk of that was guessing. See how well you know typefaces

Building a Museum of Museums on the Web

I watched a TED talk online the other day about a fairly recent online project designed by Google. Amit Sood, head of the project, gave a short and sweet talk about the website. Google Art Project is what they called it. This spectacular website allows any user, whomever they may be, to navigate, explore, wander, […]

“No need to panic, it’s art”

Link to article Last week, I stumbled upon this article about an artist who created artwork to send out an important message to society.  Artist Mark Jenkins, created different scenes such as bodies lying on the floor, sitting at the edge of a building, and floating in a pond. He created these scenes to make […]