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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Tips to better typography

The article “Get Intricate With Type” details various methods to gain better typographic skills and tips for adjusting smaller elements like kerning. Some helpful tips to be aware of are: -Using as few fonts as possible. The more you use a font, the more you gain mastery of it and can find new ways to […]

An Open Letter to Graphic Design Students: Don’t Follow the Web, Follow Your Heart What caught my eye to make me stop to read this article was the title.  It is a letter to graphic design students, which clearly relates to the peers in our class.  The article touches on aspects of juniors and seniors starting out in a new semester and where they are heading in their […]

5 Tips For Design Students

This week the article I read that I found interesting was the “5 Tips For Design Students.” The title caught my attention simply because I’m a growing and learning design student and I believed I could strongly relate.   The 5 Tips are:   Don’t be afraid of the web Don’t be afraid to experiment […]

Go Metro: Design Maps The Route To Cool

I found the article Go Metro: Design Maps The Route To Cool, by Tom Zeit, in a June 2009 issue of How magazine. This article discussed the inspirational design that the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority has been producing. Traditionally, public transportation is not a job sector that a designer would consider as having […]

Design lessons we need to learn

The poorest neighborhoods in India, according to this article, are designing objects based on necessity and lack of resources. As a result, “Jugaad”, which is Hindi for making the most of limited materials. Recycled materials are predominantly used. The innovation under difficult circumstance has drawn the attention of Indian and American architects and designers. Jugaad Urbanism: […]

Originality in a Media Saturated Market

This article highlights a major problem and drive that pushes designers today.  It starts with the technology that is available to the public.  We have much more advanced designing programs that come standard on most computers.  They have come a long way from the “Paint” program.  From PowerPoint to editing programs, even children today are […]

The Persistence of Posters -article

The article, The Persistence of Posters written by Andrew Blauvelt, caught my eye while coming across its opening quote. “It cannot be seen whether, or for how long, the poster will have a future. Doubts regarding its future chances are justified when we consider the possible way of life of a post-industrial society with new […]

Logo Design

  I read an article in Designer today, written by Adrienne Turcotte , called Logo Design, which added to my knowledge on the topic extensively. What intrigues me to continue reading this article was the daring language of the lede and in it the author stated that graphic design is not ‘Art’, but commercial art […]

What Makes a Good Logo?

I found an article about a week ago on Since I am a beginning designer I wanted to know what really goes in to making a logo and the structure behind a logo. The title of this article is “What makes a good logo?” This article was broken into the 5 principles of effective […]

The Mystery of Design

I found the article, Demystifying Design, by Jeff Gothelf, an interesting read.  The idea he conveys, that graphic design is perceived as a mystery to those outside the profession as being something that actually holds graphic design back as a profession, intrigued and drew me in as a reader. The initial idea of being perceived […]