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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Interview with typographer Kunihiko Okano

  I read an interview with typographer Kunihiko Okana. Okana is a graduate of Kyota City University of Arts. He has worked for years as a packaging designer and also devotes much of his time solely to designing new typefaces. He is truly someone who loves designing type. I love typography, but I don’t usually […]

Fan creates watch concept inspired by Picasso I hope I’m not the only one who occasionally wondered when I would find value in my art history classes. While it’s important to understand backgrounds, plenty of us want to have practical applications for everything we learn. I present to you a concept for a watch from, a lovely website that sells […]

The New Windows Logo

With the release date close to set for the new Windows 8 operating system, ~october 2012, Windows has hired Pentagram design agency to create a new logo. When i first read the news i didn’t think much of it until I read a statement from Paula Scher, of Pentagram about the previous Windows logo designs. Paula […]

Book design process for “The Virgin Suicides”

Original source from designer’s website here. Excerpts are below: “Jeffrey had suggested the Dutch photographer and video artist,Rineke Dijkstra. She photographed an early series of adolescent bathers in the United States and Eastern Europe in 1992 that dealt with their discomfort over their bodies. Children who seem at odds with their own bodies as they […]

People Flying Over New York City

For those of you who haven’t already seen the video involving viral marketing agency Thinkmodo’s human shaped RC planes, it is definitely worth a view. The strange stunt was actually developed in order to promote the movie Chronicle, 20th century fox. After watching the video I could only imagine how the people privileged enough to see […]

The Emperor’s clothing in art and design (and Helvetica)

Rauschenberg “Bed” (1955) The trouble with modern art is that some people take advantage of a genre without many restrictions and produce works that do not really deserve to be considered art, even if it is accessible to the people and conceptual. While work goes into producing the art, it is often executed in a […]

My thoughts on high art vs low art and design

High: J.M.W Turner, “Moonlight, a Study at Millbank,” 1797 (found here) Low: Thomas Kinkade, “Blessings of Christmas” (found here) (if you want to read a really funny article on Kinkade, look at what the LA Times wrote) Both high and low art provide the artist and viewer with a means of expressing oneself and making statements as well […]

Design process

I wanted to share a personal design experience I had recently. I’m still learning and thought this might be helpful. The assignment: “Love Your Body” poster competition at GMU. I wanted to communicate that the diversity of shapes, colors, and sizes can complement each other. I liked the idea of using various shapes and colors […]


This book cover recently caught my attention.  I am a huge fan of anything that can send a message with mere text, especially since most of the most appealing things in society seem to be image based.  The colors are not particularly attractive, but they work well together–mainly because they are compliments of one another.  […]

Milton Glaser

  The short Adobe Documentary on Milton Glaser was quite serene.  Glaser narrated the film, explaining his continuing passion for design.  The violins playing gently in the background complimented Glaser’s narration–exemplifying, through sound, the compassionate tone that was carried out by Glaser’s voice.  When one hears the word documentary, it is followed by the stigma […]