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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Should Design Be Messy?

I came across this article a little while ago, The Messiness of Design , and a part of the article (in reference to using computers) that really stood out to me is this segment: “How often do we strive for efficiency, for productivity, for moving from one stage of the process to another with as […]

Underwater Ink Photography

I came across these amazing photographs the other day of ink underwater. I didn’t believe that it was ink until i read the caption. They are taken by an Italian photographer, Alberto Seveso. Photographing and filming the movement of ink underwater has become popular in the past 2 years or so. It’s so beautiful the […]

Getting close to the Art

While roaming around the InternetI found this artist, who had some disturbing art work with birds and skeletons. Checking out his other works I found this interactive piece that literally you need to getting in close by clicking on it to see what it truly is.  

40 Minimalist Superhero Illustrations

So I was stumbling around the internet and I found this:  40 Minimalist Superhero Portrait Illustration Designs. I think it is really amazing that with just a few shapes and colors we can convey. For the most part all of the superheros I could easily recognize, and I feel that if they were on their […]

A ‘Home’ on Wheels

( ) Minimalist homes seem to be a new fascination of mine.   The idea of having to prioritize what really matters to you, as well as having to limit yourself to keeping only what matters, is something I find intriguing. However, I can’t help but wonder if a home like this is ment to last a […]


This is the artist that became famous over night with his “brainwashing” viewers to buy his art. Most of his stuff are reproductions

8-bit Posters

( ) I stumbled upon this article a while back, and I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating the efficiency of having an 8-bit poster.  The only time I can think of it being appropriate to use an 8-bit poster is for a video game, or for the cover of a book about a […]

A Grotesk love affair

A Grotesk love affair In my never ending search for cool stuff I want to put on my walls I found a blog post about this site: where you can vote on your favorite typeface (mine is Futura <3). I love the posters that go along with it and the best part? You can […]

Typographic Maps

Typographic Maps I found maps of cities made entirely out of type by Axis Maps.  The street, water, highways; all made out of words. The way that the type is handled in these posters is nothing short of impressive. They have them up for sale sale on their site and quite frankly my wall needs […]

Musings on Muse

For graphic design students with an interest in web design, I thought I’d share a little bit about Adobe’s latest new software, Muse. Not officially released (but with an open beta), Muse has been designed to be what many designers thought they were being promised with dreamweaver: to create functional websites without a speck of […]