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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Fun Typography

Again from the great site “” I found a bunch of posters, heavy with typography.  They are very interesting and have a lot of different touches to them, although they all have a similar aesthetic feel.  Its got to be a torn or old feel, kind of like they were from a long time ago. […]

Scorpion chair

Have you ever looked at the website,  Well, “This is why I’m broke”  is a really fun site too look at if you haven’t checked it out.  It has a large list of items for sale that tend to be really out of the ordinary.  From items that are extremely expensive such as a […]


A designer named Andrew Kim has created a new concept for Coke products.  Though the original bottle has the familiar  shape we are all used to and comfortable with, Kim’s design is a fresh new look as well as eco friendly. A sight called Inhabitat: Design Will Save the World, blogger Trey Farmer states, “Kim […]

Icing Street art

Food is commonly used as a resource for creating artwork and common examples are the decorative frosting designs on cakes, cupcakes, brownies, etc.  I found images online of an artist named Shelley Miller who uses icing in a way that hasn’t commonly been done before.  Her style is street art but, she uses sugar to […]

Red Door Gallery: Microcosms

Betsy Stewart, Bioverse no. 2, 84”x48” Acrylic and sumi ink on canvas (picture found here)   Bogart, Desert Song oil and rustoleum on canvas (picture found here) The Red Door Gallery in uptown Richmond recently closed their show Microcosms featuring the paintings of Steven Bogart and Betsy Stewart. As a former intern, I was able to more […]

Basic elements of design exploration

Photos were found here and here. For these three, I wanted to experiment with elements of design and restrict myself to a six inch square. I explored line, shape, and letterform. The line was not completely successful because the higher concentration of lines in the corners orients it into an x shape rather than a random assortment […]

Art show review

George Mason University MFA student Elsabé J. Dixon is currently being featured at the SOA Fine Art Gallery in Fairfax, VA. Her installation, “We Will Not Play Nature To Your Culture”, features striking organic forms that were inspired by her three years working with live organisms as a medium. Most prominently featured are references to silkworms […]

Branding (student work; input appreciated)

I’m still pretty new to branding and have a lot to learn. The company is a Spanish snowboarding manufacturer aimed at women. I chose the bear and the Spanish name Oso. The prints are meant to be modern and chic without being too fussy. (I hate when products aimed at women are plastered in pink […]

Ad campaign: breakup

My inspiration from this was to take things that are thrown away during a breakup and make them interesting visually, then combine them to create a story. The ad is for an online dating company to convey the message that it is time to move on. I thought it would add an interesting touch to […]

Facial Recognition Technology used for Historical Portraits

A blog post I found on states, “Facial recognition software designed for various security and law enforcement applications is being adapted by art historians at the University of California to identify unknown faces in portraits.”  Before photography, images were commonly created with paint and canvas and  many historical portraits do not contain identification of the […]