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Monthly Archives: May 2012

GIMP 2.8, opensource vs Industry standard

Last week came the new release of GIMP 2.8, a very long awaited new stable release in GIMPs long line of updates. GIMP is an opensource image editor comparable to Adobe Photoshop as an opensource equivalent for new designer to use and get their feet wet when testing out the field of graphic design. Had […]

Blender, a new standard professional 3D Design

Blender, an Opensource 3D design program. Blender has existed for years but has never made any headway in the professional use sector. I myself am an avid Autodesk 3ds max user and found myself speechless when I tried out the new Blender release of 2.63. On a comparative level, Blender kept up, matching everything I could think […]

Micro-trends: Graphic Design Aesthetics 2012

Computer Arts posted this article and it covered 7 different design trends that are more than fleeting and have that staying factor, a certain longevity to them. I would have to say this list is a pretty good summary, and I agree or at least hope that these trends remain constant. One shouldn’t buy into […]

Moving the Nets to “BK”

  “the Brooklyn Nets have an uphill battle to win the hearts of the proud and skeptical local crowd which they are doing with a very minimalist, almost anti-NBA new look reportedly designed by Nets part owner Jay Z.” The new primary logo — created by Brooklyn’s own JAY Z — keeps the sheild from the […]

Lifetime Logo

Launched in 1984, Lifetime Television is a channel generally devoted to women. The Network is “committed to offering the highest quality entertainment and information programming, and advocating a wide range of issues affecting women and their families.” I simply know it as an outlet for poorly written, made for TV movies. One thing i noticed […]

Brooklyn Street Art

A collection of street artist from around the world….Showcasing their works in a gallery setting

Mark Jenkins

Introducing Mark Jenkins….A street artist who imposes objects into society where they aren’t supposed to be….enjoy

Street Utopia

This consists of street art around the globe….enjoy


Here is the graffiti artist web page ….showing off and telling off

Vintage Cereal Collection

Vintage Cereal Collection   So I came across this earlier today and I couldn’t help but notice the difference between cereal boxes on shelves now compared to cereal boxes on shelves several decades ago.  It’s fascinating to see how cereal boxes didn’t start out overly saturated and bold in their designs.  It would seem that they started […]