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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Microsoft VS Apple

Let’s pretend that the lifelong argument of Windows vs <insert feline animal here> has never been brought up.  From a design standpoint, why do people favor one over the other?  Leaving everything out of the equation other than the design of the Windows logo and the Apple logo, and perhaps the physical appearance of their […]

AVT 311 Assignment: Designing a multi-page website to promote Miguelito’s newly released album

  When creating this website I will keep in mind that this website is to promote Miguelito’s new albulm and to get people not only in his country interested but the market in the US interested as well. I would try to make it user friendly and a website where every thing that is need […]

About New iPhone5 design

I used iPhone since they released iPhone 3G in 2008. I loved Apple’s products so I bought most of them. However, new iPhone 5 released a few days ago, and I changed my mind because I expected more than just upgrade version of iPhone 4. I had chance to see iPhone 5 it was very […]

Seahawks Uniforms

I have read multiple opinions of these Nike uniforms since they were first unveiled a couple of months ago. The response was mostly positive, but why? As an NFL fan and a designer I saw these and was somewhat appalled. The navy blue and lime green color scheme is nothing new to the team and gives them […]

Android vs iPhone

Every time I hear about how i phone is a lot better than android i get frustrated because to me the way they were both design was that they both have the same kind of design feel to them. They are both portable, sleek, all touch based, and basically have the same functions. What these […]

This is MySpace.

In the past two days I have seen Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr blow up over MySpace. They have released a preview of their new website. It takes me back to middle school doing random surveys and changing my top friends every few days. From the preview video that they show (click here), it seems like […]


As we go about life, we leave traces behind, unknowingly and unaware. As we walk long the beach shore, through a snow path into the wilderness, or touch the foggy window of a taxicab going about our daily routine, we are always leaving our traces behind everywhere we go. With the exception of those that […]

Through Graphic Design Eyes

  As graphic designers we are trained to see art not only how it looks but mostly how it is designed and the message it communicates to the audience. Basically, how the audience will react to the message through it design. With this in mind, I chose critique a postcard advertisement for a showcase of […]

Cool iPhone 4s… I mean iPhone 5!

  The iPhone 5 was recently released a few days ago, causing it’s normal uproar. Do I think it’s cool?  Of course I do. Does it impress me?  Well, I’ll simply say that things may have unravelled differently had Mr. Jobs had a hand in it. I completely understand that there’s only so much you […]


So we’re all familiar with Pantone right? And we’ve all seen the traditional pantone swatches translated to any variety of products, mugs, salt and pepper shakers, even cufflinks, you name it, it’s out there. I suppose it’s really a mark of a wonderful and functional design if it can be applied to so many different […]