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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Hacoa style

Hacoa is a Japanese company that makes beautiful product from wood, including iphone case, keyboard and usb. They also design office supplies and household items. All products are handmade. So, their product gives a sense of analogue and a sense of warmth that wood only can provide. Look at our surroundings. Most of appliances are […]

Waterproof watches packaged… in water

    I think this is one of the best waterproof watch advertisements. This is advertisement of the Fetina’s waterproof watch. Of course, they do not sell the watch in the water package like that, but the idea is very cleaver. This ad shows that this product is obviously waterproof. This makes customers to believe […]

Is it fiberglass or human flesh?

While browsing the web, I came across this magnificent artist that makes astonishing works of art.  Ron Mueck is a man that makes sculptures of humans by using mainly fiberglass. Each sculpture that he creates of humans is either large in proportion, or small then the usual human. For instance, there is a photo of a sculpture […]

Odd Fonts Reduce Bias

I came across this article while flipping through Flipboard (app on iphone). It discusses how some typefaces that may be harder to read can reduce the bias in a situation. They talk about a variety of  tests that worked and it is pretty interesting. It almost makes me mad that they came to the conclusion […]

Restaurant Website Design

What is important when designing a restaurant website? This could be broken down so many ways. You could focus on it from a design standpoint. Hierarchy, typography, color, imagery, creativity. All of those things are important with any website ever created and if you don’t execute those things, you have already failed. I am talking […]

Designing your resume

  As a designer we have to visually sell ourselves before even walking into an office. The best way to do that is through your resume and your potfolio. While on stumbleupon I found resumes that really encompass the designer and who they are. By looking at the resume on the left I can tell […]

USA Today rebrands

USA Today has been a premier newspaper that has international acclaim for decades. However, their identity has not changed in 30 years, until this past friday. USA Today began to roll out a complete rebrand involving the company’s identity, the layout/look of the newspaper and their web site. USA Today has always been on the […]

How a Graphic Design Thinks ?

  As a graphic design artist, the art work is not only the key element but how it communicates to the audience as well. What kind of message does the artwork of the graphic design present to the audience. In my communication theory class we learned about the seven communication tradition and with in the […]

London Olympics Logo vs. Rio Olympics Logo

The logos for the Olympics are such a huge deal and are seen constantly throughout the games and in the four years between. They’re used as representations for the cities that host the games as well as for the games themselves. The logos are decided through a competition and are reworked constantly to try and […]

Blackberry cell phone case by Sam Abbott

Nowadays, millions of cell phone cases are everywhere. These cellphone cases are used as a method of representing personality and characteristics. I have seen many different types of cell phone cases such as wooden cases, famous cartoon-character shaped cases, or hand-made cases with beads. However, I strongly agree that this Blackberry Bold 9700 case design […]