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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Paula Scher at the Public

A few weekends ago I was in New York and had one of the best moments of the graphic design life. I heard via Pentagram’s twitter that Paula Scher was speaking at the Public Theater for free. On October 21st I worked my way to the theater to see one of the most well known […]

Microsoft Surface Tablet Design

Without turning this into another “this will totally kill the iPad!” article, I’d like to bring up the design of the Microsoft Surface tablet that was recently introduced on October 26th. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the design of the Surface tablet, you can find it here: It’s sleek, has a […]

Modern Furniture

The couch is the center of your living room, of course , but things don’t have to stop there. In addition to providing comfort for guests or family, modern accent furniture can add originality to your room. My favorite modern furniture is the designs by Kartell. From modern furniture to contemporary plastic chairs,  Kartell has […]

Material of Choice: Dust Bunnies

After seeing so many posts about all this artwork made out of materials that stray from the norm, I became curious if there was anything made out of dust. After a quick google search I stumbled onto some pieces made by an artist named Paul Hazelton who creates sculptures out of dust that he collects. […]

Music & Art

Art plays an enormous role in society. Music is a form of fine art that is interpreted from one’s surroundings into a creative rhythm. Music also helps to portray a deeper understanding of events through the act of listening to different styles of musician’s work. Art through music provides listeners the chance to immerse themselves […]

Web design or not?

When I look around for graphic design jobs, one of the requirements I sometimes see is web design. I know AVT 217, the web design class, is strongly recommended for graphic designers, but is there any way around this? Personally, I hate web design and coding. I’ve taken programming classes and just never got into […]

Passa Cabos Lamp by André Valério

Passa Cabos Lamp, the self-stand electronic light ferret, was designed by Portuguese designer, André Valério. I think consumers can expect to feel a warm atmosphere by having this light stand furniture. Combining ideas of electronics and using the animal body as table lamp produces one unified piece of furniture. It is an eco-friendly product because […]

Should I make the wallet?

  For one of my projects in AVT 105, I made this “Chanel” purse out of can tabs. It took A LOT of work and patience to finish, but I’m very proud of the finished result. I’ve been contemplating making an accompanying wallet for it, so should I? I plan to use this as a […]


As if the campaign posters, commercials, and door-to-door knocking aren’t enough, how about a car with Obama’s face plastered on it?! I’m not into politics at all, but I came across this picture a friend had posted recently. I thought the car was awesome and the graphics look really cool with the chrome of the […]

Auto-play Music On Websites

So the other day I was browsing some portfolio websites and several of them had music that was on auto-play when you’d visit their website. Most of the ones I came across had a pretty obvious button to either stop the music or turn it down, compared to making you have to mute your computer […]