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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Microsoft’s New Logo

Has anyone stumbled across Microsoft’s new logo recently? I was walking through Tyson’s Mall when I noticed the change to the Microsoft store. I know this is my second post in regard to Microsoft or Apple however I felt the need to talk about the serious improvements that were made to distinguish themselves from the […]


I’m not sure if anyone has actually seen the Ted Talk on Willard Wigan but if not you definitely should check it out. It follows a man as he tells a story about how he discovered his inner form of art. He creates works of art so tiny, that they have to be viewed underneath […]

Colors colors everywhere.

I have never really realized how important colors are to a logo. I mean I know I’m a graphic designer so I should probably know these things and sure I also already knew that red supposedly makes you hungry (hello mcdonalds) and cooler colors like blue and purple help you to relax but I never […]

What a difference adding design elements to a resume can do.When I first saw this image I had to do a double take. Could it really be the same information on both of these papers? Upon further inspection I realized it was true, they both have the same information on it but one is obviously […]

I saw this picture the other day and was mesmerized by how the designers used the actual word to describe its meaning. It is definitely not an east thing to do but looks incredibly fun to try. What immediately attracted my eyes to the picture was how simple the designs were and yet still very […]

Photoshop fix up

There are times when I feel as if editing an image on Photoshop is a really bad thing. People are always trying to achieve the “perfect” look when taking pictures (especially ones for Facebook). I always have friends and relatives that ask me to touch up their photos. To take out blemishes, to give them […]

My Ideal Studio

Here is an interesting video on Erik Spiekermann’s Ideal studio setup. It’s a well thought out and very different approach to the standard studio. His onion like studio provides a great variation in levels off involvement a person could have with their coworkers. I believe a workspace makes a huge difference and how a studio […]

Haircuts, An Aesthetic Experience Or Work Of Art?

So I was making my bi-yearly trip to get my haircut a couple weeks ago and in between the small talk between myself and my hairdresser I noticed that she would make a couple of cuts to my hair, tilt her head to the side find another patch, even it out and move on to […]


Clients are one of the most satisfying and most challenging aspects of being a graphic designer. Working for a client is probably the one thing that separates us from fine artist. Working for clients definitely has its challenges. You have to learn how to explain your process and work. In most cases, You are working […]

Seasonal Beer Packaging Designs

It’s interesting to see how each company comes out with their own seasonal beers.  With the month of  October comes the famous drinking holiday Oktoberfest and Halloween. Companies such as Samuel Adams and Blue Moon release their own monthly flavors such as Pumpkin Ale and Octoberfest. It’s not only the different flavors of beer that […]