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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Video Game Box Art

Guild Wars 2 Box Art When I was a kid, the box art and instructions manual were all I had to keep me company on the ride home from buying a new video game.  Nowadays, generally speaking, most game instruction booklets are exactly that: instructions and safety warnings.  Years ago they would include button combinations, a […]

Is Futura becoming the new Helvetica?

Recently I have been noticing something. Everything is being set in Futura. Just walking through a town, watching TV, or browsing the web, Futura seems to be the go to typeface. When I was in Richmond over break I especially noticed it. I even thought it was hard to spot Helvetica because Futura was taking […]

“Getting to Know” Graphic Designers with Build

  Michael C. Place is a graphic designer in England, and owner of the design studio Build. Currently, he has a series running on his blog in which he interviews a number of designers he once worked with. Some of these designers include Adrian Shaughnessy, Mr. Bingo, Veronica Lethorn, Wim Crouwel, and many others. Topics […]

What is interesting with the IPad Mini

      The i pad mini just came out just recently and to me I feel that it is one of those things that i feel is unnecessary to have because not be cause of its price but more on how there are other types of tablets with the same design and same system design that […]

Shadow Art

It’s an effect we’ve all experienced before, usually after a horror movie or a particularly frightful video game. It’s dark and you catch in your peripheral the silhouette of something dreadful. But when you look closely it was just a jacket on a char or a branch or something. We all know how important lighting […]

East Coast Vs. West Coast

To be honest, I didn’t know there was a culture difference between east and west coast designers (well, stereotype wise anyway). I suppose, only knowing east coast designers, I assumed we were all just in a certain subculture together. But I mean, the east cost designer description sounds pretty spot on, I don’t know about […]

What is a Print?

Printmaking has a lot of similarities to graphic design. There’s easy duplication to allow wide distribution, we see it everywhere without really noticing it, and not may people understand the subtle nuances that go into it. Well MoMA has set out to educate the masses about the different kinds of print. With this interactive feature […]

The Marmalade

Slow motion effects are nice aren’t they? They show details of a moment our eye would otherwise overlook. They’re used a lot in advertisements for drinks or chocolate, but have you ever wondered how they catch those high quality slow motion shots. It certainly never crossed my mind. Then one of the girls I live […]

Periodic Table Of Typefaces

It’s a curse of a designer to be obnoxiously aware of type. We see papyrus used on a product and refuse to bye it. We go out to lunch with our friends and say things like “did you see the sign treatment for the restrooms? I mean really.” We will be thrown into disarray over […]

Theory of Who is a Graphic Designer

When people hear the words graphic design the first thing that comes to mind is computer or graphic arts, but to us graphic designers it is more that just computer or graphic arts but a type of art that allows graphic designers to explore the world visually. For example in the world of advertisement one-way […]