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Monthly Archives: November 2012

3D Street Painting

Even if you never heard of 3D street painting, you would recognize it as soon as you saw it. 3D street paintings are so realistic that you feel as if you are a part of the painting even though you are standing on top of it. Kurt Wenner is credited with creating this illusion of space. “In […]

Ice Carving

Believe it or not, ice carving was designed by native hunters and fishermen living in northwest China. One of the first ice carvings created was an ice lantern. Water was frozen inside a bucket, and after removing the ice from the bucket, a candle was placed in a hole carved into the ice cube. In 1740, the first […]

Wendy’s Logo Change

In an attempt to “transform into a higher-end hamburger chain,” Wendy’s has taken on the challenge of creating a new logo. No longer will we see the boxy Wendy’s letters stamped inside a red and yellow rectangle and a childlike red headed girl encircled above Wendy’s. Instead, we will see a more simple and clean logo […]

USA Olympic Team 2012

Rather than wearing the traditional red, white, and blue uniforms. Olympic team USA chose a different color scheme for 2012. The new uniforms are gray Nike jackets and black pants. An article stated, “The jackets look great in general, just not for standing under a rising American flag.” Many have also complained that the color […]

Painting with Wine

Christian LoCascio is one of the few people who have been successful in creating art that reflects and incorporates one of her passions. After earning her Fine Arts Degree, she chose a career in the wine industry which later gave her the name “the artist who paints with wine.” Making a career in the wine industry lead […]

iOS App Icons and You

                                             Delicious App Icons  Whether you own a mobile Apple device or not, you must admit that the sheer amount of apps in the app store is incredible.  Building upon that thought—the fact that each and every one of those apps has a different and original icon is nothing short of amazing. Who […]

“Urbanized”, and “Objectified”, along with “Helvetica”.

If you are a Graphic Design major, you have probably heard about the documentary “Helvetica,” or you will soon. I have not particularly paid attention to whether it is the same directors and/or same production studio that produced the documentaries “Urbanized” and “Objectified,” but they are definitely 2 documentaries that are worth seeing, like Helvetica. […]

Skylanders—Fun & Expensive Character Design!

Recently the cross-platform video game sequel to Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure was released.  The new game is called Skylanders: Giants and is essentially more of the same thing—a lot of fun, great design, and very expensive! The Skylanders universe involves a player taking the role of a character of their choice and running through a set […]

Doll Face

Doll Face by Andy Huang Here is a cool animation done by a filmmaker and artist Andrew Thomas Huang. I thought it was a very interesting video. The short film shows a battle that many young girls and boys have on appearances. Many teenagers think they should look like many of the stars on TV or […]

Plain Air Painter

  Plain air painters are those that take pleasure in the act of painting outdoors, and paint the landscape that surrounds them. Many plain air painters will create and capture amazing scenery, especially places that many have not visited before. I’m sure it was quite popular in the times where we lacked air transportation such […]