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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Sick Star Wars illustrations

Good ole  Star Wars.  From the creative genius of George Lucas came a space tale that in 1977 changed the course of Science Fiction as we know it. From the epic space tale came many years of movies, memorabilia, and the horde of fans that came along with it. These die hards are amongst the […]

Scratch day off calendar Saw-like block calendar Paper shredder calendar Ink calendar Air cap calendar Another year is nearly over already. But, I wonder how many people plan to buy a new calendar. Today, I see many people live without desk calendars or watches while operating in technology and cyber space. A calendar lets you […]

  Today, there are hundreds of thousands of electronic products for iPhones, smartphones, and so on. They have the same features in functions; light weight, small compact size, and reasonable price. Even if they’re the same product, only distinctive designs will stimulate consumer confidence. I have three cell phone supporters. Their design with robot images […]

Rilakkuma Electronic Foot Stove

It is time to fall in love with Rilakkuma!! I want to share Rilakkuma electronic foot stove with you. Rilakkuma is one of the most popular bear characters in Japan. Rilakkuma will warm up your feet this winter. Basically, Rilakkuma’s face is like a slip-in cushion, so an electronic pad goes into the bottom, and […]

NightClub Posters

Poster designs are such a strong piece of advertising/marketing. As graphic designers, I personally feel these type of projects are where designers truly get to unleash their skills.  You get to crack your hands and throw yourself into Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator and get straight to work.  Many will say that these posters aren’t art, but i feel […]


    These Disney characters were made by Jirka Väätäinen, a designer from Finland. She also got a good portfolio website: I like how she transforms into the original cartoon characters of real people’s face using photo compositing and digital painting combined. If you visit her website under ‘REAL LIFE’ DISNEY GIRLS, there are […]


“Bookworm” was created by Dutch designers. As you see, it is bookcase, but offers a special place to sit and read books. I appreciate that it has a light hanging from the top edge of it. It does not require large space. This compact furniture takes less space than the combination of a table, a […]


We have Sprite! Japanese people have Ramune! Ramune is a famous Japanese carbonated soft drink. Today, it is not difficult to purchase Ramune in the U.S.; many international or Asian groceries carry them. Their unique design of labels and Codd-neck bottle always catch consumers’ attention. I feel that each colorful bubble-like design on the labels […]

Video Game Advertising

Advertising is everywhere. It’s in everything. If you live in an a city its prevalent everywhere you look and on every little thing. With the release of Call of Duty Black Ops came the marketing campaign. The campaign is targeted at gaming fans and men aged 18-34.  It’s genius because it’s almost like subliminal messaging. […]


  In high school I took a marketing class all four years. It was always very interesting to me to see how marketing changes depending on the product sold whether it be fashion or sports related but this is taking it to a whole new level. These ideas are sure to get the attention of […]