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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Font Font

If you guys are ever looking for a particular typeface with certain, specific, nuances, I’m sure you know that find the right typeface is easier said then done. Through all my experience one of the best resources you can use when looking for a particular typeface is FonFont. Not only do they have an extensive […]

Arnaud Mercier

Arnaud Mercier co-founder of Area 17 was an amazing interactive designer, who had a great influence on me. He unfortunately passed away last year, but in remembrance of his legacy a beautiful retrospective website of his work has been launched. It is amazing to see all of his flawless work compiled on a single page—I […]

Printing Strategies

It looks like most of the finals in graphic design were due this week and that means everyone must have made a ton of prints. Does anyone have any favorite printing stores? Any printing horror stories? I get most of my prints done at a 24 hour Kinko’s that’s right across from my house. Kinko’s […]

Christmas time is here!

Looking for a good christmas present idea for your design friends? have you worked extra hard and want to treat yourself to a little present? Grain Edit has a list of Intriguing graphic design and photography books over on their blog. I am a firm believer that all graphic designers should have a strong and […]

Charles Chaisson

Charles Chaisson is an American designer and illustrator that creates magazine covers, theater posters, book illustrations, and more. The majority of his subjects are people and have to do with various abstract and fantasy states. He’s done illustrations for a Dracula poster, which is obviously fantasy, but with different abstract elements. The poster is cropped […]

Why is color important in design?

Color is an important element in design. Everywhere go we are surrounded by various colors. Color affects to us emotionally and psychologically. For example, the color red generally gives a variety of emotions like aggressiveness, strength, warning and sporty. Yellow is bright, energetic and appealing to children. Green is natural, healthy and safety. White is […]

Aaron Draplin

At first glance you may think Aaron Draplin is a trucker or construction worker, but after hearing him talk for a minute you’ll notice he’s no other than a dedicated graphic designer. I thoroughly enjoy listening to him talk, he has such a strong work ethic that seems to be rare these days. I think […]

Make a Great First Impression I came across this article the other day and figured it was appropriate to show everyone. It’s called “Make a Great First Impression: 7 Great Tricks.” I’m always looking for help when it comes to interviews and ways to improve the way I present myself. I found this article interesting because makes some really […]

Is that a Fireplace Face?

    This is probably one of my favorite commercials going around right now. I crack up every time I see it, and kind of wish I had an impressive fireplace such as this one. Of course this is a joke in a commercial, but I would totally get one if I could. Not only would it […]

The New American Dream

  I came across this picture one day, just looking through artist’s portfolios and I remember thinking it was so ridiculous! This was taken by Carl Gunhouse. Growing up, he developed a love/hate relationship with suburbia and as a photographer, he has produced a series of landscape photographs that deals with his complex personal relationship […]