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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Lorem Ipsum Blah Blah Blah

Some people love it, some people hate it. In my opinion, you should generally have relevant content first and then add structure and styling, etc., but it just doesn’t always work out that way. Using filler text can give clients the feel of a finished page complete with text. It also allows you, as the […]

20 Articles a Week

The last advice of the article that Karen sent us was:  read.  The author of  Want To Be Taken Seriously? Become a Better Writer, reads one book a month and 20 articles a week. I got the one book a month under control, probably more.  I love to read.  I try to get through my weekly magazine every […]


I feel as though many graphic designers tend to do a lot of freelance work. I enjoy being able to be my own boss and make my own rules. I haven’t been able to take on too many jobs, but I have had a few and have been able to learn from them. The only […]

The biggest mistake designers make with contracts….

Since we are covering proposals and contracts in class, I thought this would be a helpful article for anyone that had any questions about what should be included in a contract or proposal.  The Biggest Mistake Designers Make with Contracts–Costing Time and Money by Preston D Lee was recently posted at Graphic Design Blender. Writing […]

David Airey Website I found his website very helpful for understanding how to sell yourself.  ” People hire me because I help make their businesses more profitable.”  He had a pricing formula: Good information of what to research but not very helpful for those starting out.  But he does offerer the chapter from his book on this […]

Piece Together Your Own Palette

I think a well crafted color palette is one of the most relaxing and beautiful things to look at. Seeing each swatch sit so peacefully next to each other, like a bunch of old friends coming together for a well needed dinner party. And then, when effectively distributed in a poster, web page or info-graphic, it […]

Design Processes

I recently came across a really useful article written by Lee Munroe, a designer based in San Francisco. I found, Logo Design Process Start To Finish, very interesting and similar to my own design process, from start to finish, but a little more sensible and organized. Munroe gives some excellent source sites that I think […]

Serif Readability: Fact or Fiction

Since the topic of legibility vs. readability has been coming up in class lately, and it was told to me that serif typefaces are inherently, more readable, I thought this article, The Serif Readability Myth, was super interesting. For those that don’t want to actually read the article, I’ll summarize it. The “fact” that serif typefaces […]

What I aspire to

Every image taken by Fatali (could not find his first name) are beautiful. The light and color he is able to capture with his large format camera is incredible. His subject matter is inspiring, I can’t wait to live back in Utah and have Bryce, Zion, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks within driving distance. The […]

Distorting the Postal Service

Many of us have seen the United States postal service logo. It is one of the most recognizable logos around. For most, the image of a bald eagle is easy to recognize .Unfortunately that was not the case for me. I grew up with an unclear view of this insignia. I always saw it, recognized […]