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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Jump Start Creativity

Whenever I am having trouble coming up with a creative design for an upcoming project I do not have one solid way in which to jump start my creativity. I usually just think and think, brainstorm, and write down ideas that I feel seem to be “outside the box”. Recently I have been inspired by […]

Big Brand Theory

A few people on this site mentioned their love for minimalism, so I thought I’d share an article I saw about the redesign of some iconic soda and beer cans in the minimalist style. Malaysian designer, Ewan yap, redesigned several to try and achieve a look that is both “simple and refreshing, while still being […]

Clueless in Virginia

So, I have a year before I graduate and get tossed back into the real world, ostensibly to look for work as a designer. I was considering trying to get an internship before I graduate so that I could have something design related to have on my resume. At this point, I have no portfolio […]

Noma Bar has done it again !

Over the years, I have tried to familiarize myself with the different styles, techniques, and works of famous/professional graphic designers. Personally, one graphic artist I have come to admire is Noma Bar. I am always amazed at how successful his minimalistic vector illustrations are at conveying a powerful message. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a magazine […]

Not as easy as it looks!

I had an assignment that required me to make a book cover for a biography of a graphic designer of my choice. This led me to discover Noma Bar. He is a genius minimalist with amazing work. His designs are basically the definition of minimalism. He conveys a concept or an idea with as little […]

What is the future of album art?

I work at a vinyl record pressing company in Fairfax and have seen some of the worst and some of the best album art today. I seen the manufacturing of album art with vaginas being held up by fish hooks to Skrillex’s sleek black, two dimensional box set. After seeing both these methods of design, […]

Logo Swap

During one of my interweb browsing sessions, I came across this submission on one of the many social media sites that I peruse. I know it’s old, but I thought it was amusing. Someone took the major competitors of many different types of business that have highly recognizable logos and swapped them. Some of them, I may […]

The prevalence of bad design in the Internet Age

Most times when I’m doing research for a potential project, I keep a trash can close by. This trash can contains the vomit that is excreted from my mouth when I see exceptionally bad design. I usually rely on reputable artist websites like to do research, because the artists that post on them have […]

Frustrating User Experience

The homepage loads quickly and is organized according to conventional web practices. The main navigation menu is place directly below the logo and spreads horizontally across the top of the page. The rest of the page is broken up into sections that contain supporting images and text. The overall look of the homepage was inviting […]

Computers + Design

“Computers are to design as microwaves are to cooking” -Milton Glaser If you were to stroll through the Art and Design building of George Mason, or the art building of any college/school for that matter, you would see rows and rows of computers. This may not have been the case twenty years ago, or my […]