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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Is that what kids are listening to these days?

If I don’t stop listening to house music my brain is going to melt. I’ve had this whole genre of music stuck deep into my bone marrow for the past week. It’s a non stop buzzing and head bobbing with light shows flashing off in my head. I’ve never had anything so distracting take over […]

The New Jacksonville Jags

Since my paper is about the redesign of the Washington Wizards franchise, today another team decided to do the same. The Jacksonville Jaguars redesigned their logo and helmets to welcome their new era of what they hope will be nothing but success. The new design is on the left and the old one on the […]


My art professors are so afraid students will copying previous projects that they don’t provide enough inspiration for their assignments. My favorite professor would provide 40 pictures of previous project that were great examples of her desired outcome. Because she gave so many examples, I don’t remember one student who reused ideas, the 40 were a […]

I Believe in the Believer

  I am a huge fan of the Believer magazine. It’s primarily a literary magazine, but they also feature artist, music and film in a special annual issue that features work specifically about that genre. They publish nine times per year, and the subscription – at $49 annually – isn’t the cheapest. Let’s just say, it’s more […]

You Wouldn’t Watch Anyway

“Remember when MTV played music?” Remember when people asked this question, angst and concern smeared across the inquisitor’s face? As IFC’s “Portlandia” showed us, Kurt Loder and Tabitha Soren themselves couldn’t take back MTV. Why? It wasn’t because of a lack of music videos being produced to this day, or because music had become blasé. […]

Digital Globe vs GeoEye

As of January 31st, Digital Globe and GeoEye were merged into a single company. Personally, I loved GeoEye’s logo. The first time I ever saw their logo I was able to guess fairly accurately what their company did simply by their logo. I did not get that from DigitalGlobe’s logo. Not that their logo was […]

Font Favorites

I’m sure most of you have already taken AVT 215 (Typography I) and are familiar with the final project: A poster about a type designer and one of his/her typefaces. Last semester when searching for a subject for this poster, I stumbled upon Jos Buivenga and his font Museo. Released in 2008 for free in […]

A Website Worth Checking Out

Last semester in my web design class we had to do some research on what makes a good portfolio website for a graphic designer. Fortunately, I stumbled upon this gem of a site known as Accent Creative ( This site belongs to a very talented designer known as Miguel Vega, who has been creating works […]

Ai Weiwei at the Hirsshorn

Ai Weiwei is a contemporary Chinese artist who uses sculpture, photography and drawing usually to depict political statements and messages. He became popular during the 90s when he first started defacing Chinese artifacts to create his pieces. His art pieces had caused such waves in China that he was actually sent to prison for a […]

L’eggo my logo

For any of you who have taken AVT 311 you may remember one of the most important rules of design: always do your research. I had heard that the new American Airlines logo had been compared to another logo, that being Greyhound’s logo. My initial reply to this comment was that it does not look […]