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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Coming to a close

The semester’s almost over. Thank god. I still have one more year to go. I cannot wait to be done and graduate. Although, I am definitely not ready for the real world. I don’t even know what I want to do in the graphic design world; posters, magazines, package design, web design. I feel like […]

A style all your own?

In class the other day we shortly touched on the issue about whether or not it is okay to “steal” someones design style. Personally, I do not think I have developed my own design style yet, so I am always using other people’s styles to some degree. Maybe I use a mix of design ideas […]

Herbal Essences

I was watching a commercial about Herbal Essences products the other day and it grabbed my attention because I hadn’t seen one in a long time. It’s as if they are trying to re brand. So, i decided to check out their webpage and see what it looked like. Upon entering the site, it took […]

Training Classes

I was highly intrigued to hear about these extra courses that are available in order to enhance your Adobe skills. Like many of the people in class said, I wish I had known about this like two years ago when I began my art venture in SOA. I can’t believe none of my teachers told […]

old rules v. new rules

For AVT215, we had to design a brochure with the “13 Deadly Sins of Typography,” one of which was the two spaces after a period rule. Recently I got in a debate with a friend (via Twitter, of all places) over whether it was still relevant or not. She said that when she types papers […]


I’m faced with writers block ALL the time. Writing essays, in the middle of tests, writing these blog posts, etc.–ironically, I erased my opening sentence for this post at least 15 times before deciding what to type. It’s frustrating, but usually a quick break, a nap, or working on something else helps and I find […]

Looking Back

Before Studying Graphic Design I had taken on many other projects. At the time I felt like these projects were amazing and that I had conquered a great feat by accomplishing them. Enrolling in school I felt as if I was ahead of the rest of my classmates. Slowly I learned that was not the […]

odd client requests turned works of art

I recently found this on StumbleUpon and found it really funny, I thought I’d share. A group of Irish artists–designers, illustrators, animators, etc–got together and turned their odd, confusing, and frustrating client feedback into an exhibition of diverse posters. Here’s a few of my favorite examples and the links to the StumbleUpon page I was […]

I Learned Something

While on spring break I visited the national park White Sands in New Mexico. This is a desert, unique, because it is composed of white sand. Before entering the location there is a small museum, which provides information as to the phenomenon that is White Sands. Looking at an interactive display in the museum, my […]

to watermark or not to watermark?

As a photographer I am constantly facing the dilemma of whether to watermark my images before putting them online or not. On one hand, I want to expand my business and attract new clients and also keep my images protected as my property. On the other, watermarks are often tacky or annoying, I don’t want […]