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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Why didn’t I think of that??

There are many talented artists in the world and that makes the ones who do things differently stand out. I came across an image of a piece by artist Yulia Brodskaya and was amazed when I realized it was an image made out of paper. It was an impressive design alone and to learn it […]

Sand art Ukraine’s got talent

First off I must say if you haven’t seen this video you absolutely must.  Not only is her artistic talent and ability amazing and one of a kind, but the story and music played is absolutely touching. Time to time I get on youtube and browse around different talent videos, America’s got talent is pretty […]

$500 million dollar art HEIST!

Anyone following this? Huffington Post, Google News and every other major publication has been all over the $500 million dollar art heist. This is one of the biggest Heists in the history of the art world. Back in 1990 the culprits dressed up as police officers and stole 13 paintings including some historical paintings. The […]

41 months in jail ipad hacker…Google news!

I don’t know how many of you read Google news but it captures so much going on in the world.  I feel like just 10 minutes a day and I already know so much thats going on all over the world from Art to International news and even technology. Today there was an article about […]

Trending new nail art

Before I got into graphic designs I was/am a makeup artist.  I have always done my own makeup others makeup and cool manicure designs. Everything from sparkles to Asian lotus designs, to simple stamps like a heart or smiley face. You can check them out all over Pinterest. Ariana0424 is one if my favorites, […]

Fiat 500 Abarth

On top of school I do promo work for a plethora of companies.  I recently did a project for Fiat at the DC auto show.  It was absolutely an experience. Fiat released their first performance vehicle this year for the 500 series its called the Abarth.  Its turbo charged, it has a wide wheel base […]

Cool Apple Logos

I know you all have walked through the art labs and seen all the cool apple stickers on everyones notebooks and laptops.  I started looking at all the different artistic ones and not just the basics and found some sweet ones.   I really like the black and white paint splatter.  It is almost a […]

Crossfit Workouts and Games

Does anyone follow these crazy intense workouts?  For those of you who are new to Crossfit, it is circuit training and metabolic conditioning style workouts with incorporated Olympic lifts and functional movement exercises. Its pretty hardcore! You can check out all the workouts here: I recently tried one and thought it was way too […]

Jo Koy… DC Improv

I was fortunate enough to go to DC improv two Sunday’s ago and saw Jo Koy.  OMG he was so funny! I swear if you haven’t been to D.C. Improv you have to go. I saw his special on netflix and was only halfway pleased but live and in person it was great. Check out […]

Subway Subs never again

Spoiler… You may never want to Eat Subway Subs again if you research how toxic it really is for you. I often read Google news. They have articles of all different genres from world news, to technology, to food, and politics.  Recently they posted an article about Subway subs… and how cancerous the breads can […]