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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Camo Art

Having recently watched the newest Sherlock Holmes movie, I was inspired to look up camouflage art.  There he is Robert Downey Jr sitting in the chair at the end of the movie totally hidden painted and dressed in the materials of the chair. So looking into this topic I found a sweet picture of a […] 4D chalk art

One of my friends recently showed me these “ground breaking” art pieces.  Sometime they are made to look realistic other times they are cartoon esq.  I really think that if I were ever to see one of these in person it would be totally cool. check out the cover photo depicts a kid holding […]

Not art related…necessarily

So yesterday (April 29th) something big happened. I know that was a corny line but its something along the lines of Jackie Robinson, but not really. The first gay male professional athlete “came out of the closet” yesterday. He announced to Sports Illustrated that he is gay. He said it like this: ” “I’m a […]

Holographic is the new stamp

I want to know the newest trends as soon as they happen. One growing trend is the increased use of custom made rubber stamps. However, the next trend I see coming is the use of holographic stickers. As printing gets (relatively) cheaper and more commercialized, its becoming cheaper for companies to adapt to different technologies […]

Cold Turkey

I want to take a break from technology. I want to go a month without seeing a cell phone, watching TV, or using electronics and staring at a screen in general. I don’t care about the “status” of my friends. I don’t want to hear tweeting from anything but animals or people with exceptional talent […]

Your life is a headline

Thousands of years of thoughts, millions of characters, and the time it took to write one article is all summed up into one headline someone will see for less than one second. Someone probably just read this headline, and didn’t think it was interesting enough to spend about 5 minutes to read (probably less). It […]

Search (mal)Function

As I write this, I must say- I am only one person. I am only one of 1.6 billion+ monthly facebook users, that complain both on and off the website about how it could improve. The last time I wrote a post, it was about the stagnant design of the website, which actually announced changes […]

Designing just for fun?

I was looking at This is Colossal, and there was a post about a dad that illustrates his kids lunch bags everyday and has done so since 2008. I though that was crazy…yet awesome. I was wondering what kinds of things you guys do for your friend and family in terms of art or design […]

Cultural Literacy

More on word chose.  Professor E.D. Hirsch, Jr wrote a book called Cultural Literacy What Americans Need to Know.  He believes there are a minimum of 5000 essential names, phrases, dates and concepts that every American should know so that we can all communicate. The core knowledge would allow us to use fewer words to […]

Wielding Language

I love that phrase.   It describes exactly what I would love to be able to do but can only appreciate in other people’s writing.  I know there are better ways to say whatever it is that I’m writing but the words never come to mind.  I search for words but they continue to allude me.  […]