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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Logos. Frickin’ logos….

I saw a post on a social media site that feature logos with hidden meanings. Since we had been discussing that very topic (sort of) in class, I thought I’d share. If you are in Ms. Reeses’s 311 class right now, then you know how talented some of the designers had to have been to […]

Web Design

Nearing the end of the semester the amount of work presented in each class can build up. Majoring in graphic design can mean spending countless hours on the computer creating something. That is usually the case, but this semester I have found a new challenge; Web design. When I first began this class I realized […]

For Knowledge or Inspiration: Books for Designers

With the end of the semester approaching, many students are getting ready to return their used textbooks and try to get a few bucks back. I have noticed over the past 2 years that the books I never seem to sell back are always design books. As a result, I have quite a little library […]

Design Proposal

designProposalVersionThree Okay, here’s the copy of my design proposal. I added the printer’s quote in and fixed a few minor things Professor Beach suggested, but if you see anything else I should change, feel free to let me know. And don’t laugh at my logo…I accidentally deleted the other one, and I was in a […]

What are “Imagination” and “Creativity?”

Designers have to have a lot of imagination and creativity in order to do a good job. But have you ever wondered what exactly imagination is? I know I have. Why is it that some people are said to have a “vivid” imagination and others “have no imagination at all.” What is it? How does […]

Article: Design Contests, Devaluing Design, and Is It Ever OK?

In the article, Design Contests, Devaluing Design, and Is It Ever OK?, the author Collis Ta’eed discusses a topic that was much debated in class last Monday. I feel that his points closely reflect that of our professor, Mrs. Beach in that a design contest “trivialises the time, effort and client-designer interaction, needed to go into a […]

I am working on a project for another class that is requiring us to come up with a type study for a logo that we will eventually be creating. It can be time consuming to copy and paste type over and over to see how it will look in with a different font applied, so […]

Comic Sans – The Typeface We Love to Hate

Oh, Comic Sans, the bane of every graphic designers existence. I have a love/hate relationship with Comic Sans… For all “serious” purposes…and even most non-serious purposes, Comic Sans is a last or non-resort…but at the same time, it makes me laugh. Not because it lives up to its name in the comic book sense, but […]

Tattoos in the work place

As an artist and someone who has worked in a tattoo shop before I have a great appreciation for the art of tattooing. I feel as though many people still look down upon them, but there are many more who accept them and really don’t think twice when they see someone with a tattoo. The […]