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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Lenticular Photo Used in Child Abuse Ad

I thought that the design of this ad campaign was so ingenious! The ANAR Foundation, a Spanish organization which helps kids in risk faced a problem in their most recent ad campaign.  They wanted to make their their organization known, however, they did not want potential aggressors to see that a kid was even looking […]

Adobe Moving to The Cloud

I found this article and I’m so grateful I did. Adobe , along with all other Creative Suite applications, just made a move to the cloud. Adobe discontinued their software so they can force you to rent the applications for a monthly fee. What??? That means that if you already own creative suite 6 (a […]

You are a “Brandwasher”

As a graphic design student, I am constantly trying to create a concept that not only is visually appealing, but will evoke emotion. This can manipulate someone’s idea or perception of an idea- to persuade or dissuade. I listened to a report on NPR that made me realize how manipulative branding  can be. In NPR’s  “Products […]

End of Semester Thoughts

As this semester draws to a close, what were people’s favorite aspects about the class? Though I did not speak much I did enjoy listening to other people’s thoughts and insights about various topics. I do feel as though my writing has improved overall, if not by a little. Now I am not struggling as […]


Like many of you, I have been getting to know the people at FedEx. They see me almost every week and expect a lot of questions. But with all this 2D printing, did you know 3D Printers exist? Basically you can replicate a 3D object. In this clip,, they replicate a wrench. Not only does […]

Digital Divide

Earlier this semester in my globalization class we talked about the concept of the digital divide. Simply put, it refers to the technological gap between people and how well they are able to access it in relation to one another, along with their geographical location. At this point it can be safe to say that […]

Just to lighten the mood, let’s talk about AIGA! I’ve never heard of AIGA until my Writing for Artists Class with Ms. Beach. She talks about it so highly and so admirably (almost every class), and after doing my own research, would love to join that community when I start working professionally as a Graphic […]

Pros and (i)Cons

There are always pros and cons to a job. There is absolutely no way of pleasing every one. Of course, there are professions that have more pros than cons, and vice versa. This reminds me of Michael Beirut’s essay “Graphic Design and the New Certainties” in Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design. Beirut talks ab0ut Graphic Design’s […]

Fun With Adobe

Being design students just about all of us have been exposed to Adobe’s products. I am just curious as to which program do people like the most or feel the most comfortable using. Personally, I like to use InDesign the most simply because I find the interface the most straightforward in what I want to […]

Graphic Design Subject Matter

This Semester I took my last English prerequisite course! My English course was made up of all sorts of different majors. For one of our projects, we had to write an Undergraduate Scholarship Proposal. Each student chose a topic they were interested in that pertained to their major, developed a research question on the issue […]