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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Do you have to be a good artist to be a good graphic designer

I’ve been taking a drawing class this semester, and i hate it. I hate how we have to draw live objects, i hate how we have to squint our eyes to get a better understanding of where the shadow is falling, and most of all, i hate how my professor does not understand that i […]

How effective do you think the course curriculum is for a graphic design degree at George Mason?

Personally, I think George Mason’s course curriculum and requirements for a major in SOA should be improved. The fact that students take a majority of prerequisites and general ed classes in obtaining a degree in specifically graphic design is concerning. I feel that high school is a time in our education where taking general courses […]

If people can acquire skills of design without earning a degree, then why do they emphasize over getting a degree?

Coming from India, where everyone is pressurized into becoming an engineer or a doctor, it was very hard for me to make people understand the fact that graphic design is a subject too. When people use generalized statements like “You can learn graphic design from Google and YouTube, its not a subject that needs any studying. What is […]

What can you do with a degree in Graphic Design?

I was talking to my family friends last weekend about college education in general. They asked me what i was studying, and when i said ‘Graphic Designing,’ they looked at me like a had done something horrible. Now coming from India, everyone expects me to either get a degree in engineering or medicine. Shocker, right? […]

Great Custom Printing Hi everyone, I wanted to add this link to a great letterpress and design company that I found when I got married back in August. I was looking for a company that could produce a different kind of thank-you card that could be personalized for me and husband. They have such a variety of […]

Paul Rand Interview

What’s up guys, This is a 3 part interview of Paul Rand. I haven’t been able to find many video interviews of him, and this one seems to be the most in depth. I really like and admire Paul Rand because of his simplistic take on branding and identity and graphic design in general. This […]

What’s with San Francisco?

Hi everyone, Has anyone ever noticed how a lot of creative graphic design jobs are located in San Francisco? I frequently browse job postings on Craig’s List and just to educate myself on what employers are looking for right now. While graphic design is a job that can be done remotely or in an […]

A mild take on what a UI designer does…

Hey guys! Here is a video on the development of the UI design for gaming I been following for a while. This is one of the many things I would like do for a game design firm. John Likens is actually the same designer that designed the Iron Man 3 helmet HUD that you see flying around […]

What Can We Learn From Mad Men?

I made a comment about this quote in our class last week. In season 4 of the riveting series Mad Men, Don Draper makes a bold statement about a particular advertising campaign. He states that an ad should be simple, but significant. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? Have you found […]

Is it me, or is most design becoming interactive?

Whether we know it or not, graphic design is pretty much everywhere we turn. Ads, food product containers and boxes, posters, and even official boring documents that we need to fill out. But lately I’ve noticed all these forms of design slowly becoming interactive in one way or another. The other day at the mall […]