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Monthly Archives: March 2014

UX Design Tips

Since my interest is in UI and UX design I thought I’d share this with anyone looking for inspiration in the interactive world.

Artsbus Trip

So I first want to say how incredibly happy I am for finishing up my artsbus requirement. I personally think it’s unreasonable to have to take this trip 5 times in order to complete your degree. Anyways…this last trip was the most interesting trip I’ve had. Other than enjoying what New York has to offer, […]

Printing website

My best friend is getting married this summer, and i’m super excited that i get to throw her a bridal shower! I was struggling for a while, looking for a website that can help me with this fast and in a reasonable price. My cousin told me about this website that she used when her […]

Creative GIFs

Hey guys, I wanted to share a cool find (link below). This guy makes these cool GIFs using programs we learn here at GMU (after effects, illustrator, and photoshop). Take a look at the designs in the link and see what you can actually do with these programs. Sometimes it’s a nice refresher to see […]

Criticism for the sack of criticism

I am not sure if anyone else has ever felt that during a critic or just reading so sort of review found it bash for things that seem less important or even giving off a vibe that person is just being negative. A few times I felt that we have a habit of being negative […]

I <3 Typography!

After taking my AVT 217 class in typography, I started to become obsessed with type! I love everything about it, maybe because I am an intense control freak. I love having my work neatly done and everything in a specific place (but this does not apply to the rest of my life). However, I do […]

Do you know when to stop while designing?

Every time when I am working on a design project, I tend to strive for perfection even though I know that there isn’t one. For instance, when designing a logo for a company, while there are unlimited ways of approaches and executions, I still continue to explore for more options. Also, when professors and classmates […]

In Response to “What’s with San Francisco?”

I think the main reason why the west coast is being richer in employment than the east coast is that they differ in minimum wage. According to San Francisco government website, the minimum wage has increased by 0.26 cents since 2013 and now rated as the highest minimum wage of $10.74 ( ). It is […]

The Sleepwalker This article talks about a little incident happened at Wellesley College in February. According to the article, students at Wellesley College were complaining about a statue of a man created by an artist named Tony Matelli. It is a very realistic-looking statue of a man who is almost half-naked. The statue was describing a […]

Your Body Is My Canvas In this short film, an artist named Alexa Meade gives a speech at the 2013 TEDGlobal conference. I first saw Meade’s works through the Facebook page few months ago. When you see her works for the first time you wouldn’t believe that the subjects are actual people and found objects. Instead of painting on […]