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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Letterhead Design Letterhead design is commonly used for one of marketing tools as it establishes the brand identity. It is very important to design a unique letterhead that sets yours apart from the competition. I found a blog that gives 15 creative examples of letterhead design. They are very eye-catching and unique. From these great examples, […]

The Golden Ratio

The golden ratio is a common ratio found in nature that can be used to create natural looking compositions in design. It is also called the Greek letter phi after the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. Since the Renaissance, the golden ratio has been used for artworks and architectures. Many artists have been studying the […]

World Cup Posters

2014 FIFA World Cup is only three months to go. To help you get in the mood I post five most recent World Cup posters. In January 2013 the official 2014 FIFA World Cup poster was unveiled in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The poster was designed by the Brazilian agency Crama. The image in the […]

Inspiration From a Fellow Young Graphic Designer

After browsing the internet for some design inspiration, I came across this gentleman on YouTube. Not only is he a freelancing graphic designer, but he has a blog/website that posts his resume and his work. I liked how he was not only showing a portfolio, but creating a blog to help other graphic designers. This […]

How to put together a portfolio

As aspiring graphic designers, we all know how hard it is to put together a portfolio for an internship or job. It takes me a lot of time to think about which specific work of mine should be put in the portfolio because i don’t know if it is needed to put so many or […]