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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Venture Capitalism and Graphic Design? Really?

Ok, so I’m addicted to CommArts. I found this particular article about how venture capital firms and companies are utilizing graphic designers as consultants when investing in other businesses. My first instinct was, “What do venture capitalists want with designers? Designing their logo perhaps?” After reading the article, I was pleasantly surprised. It discusses how […]

Graphic Design and Star Wars

As I was browsing the Communication Arts website recently, I came across this article about Star Wars and costume design, sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution Exhibition Service.   Being the geek that I am, I immediately read the article, finding out that it is a brand new exhibition, not even listed on the Smithsonian’s website […]


I believe research and sketching before doing electronic work is ALWAYS important. As much as I used to hate when professors didn’t allow me to immedately work electronically, I’ve come to terms with that work is best created when it has a bit of planning behind it. Not only that, but when people showcase their […]

Knowledge of HTML & CSS

I feel as if it is important for graphic designers to know web design, at least the basics of HTML and CSS. As time moves on, more and more things are becoming put only online, therefore, why not open up more opportunities for design jobs? It appears the in the design world, more designers are […]

Spec Work

This blog topic is from the third paper that I am going to be writing about for the class. What is spec work? Spec work or speculative work is basically work that is done without any fee/compensation or you could say work that is done for free. Personally I think I had done quite a […]

Nutrition Facts Label

After 20 years since Burkey Belser unveiled the current Nutrition Label, it is about to be changed for the first time. According to The Food and Drug Administration, one of the reasons to change the design is to reduce the public confusions about what qualifies as healthy food. Here’s the current and the new designs […]

The Effects of Creativity…

A professor of mine share this article with us resonantly, it covers the idea of us setting our own limits on creativity and it’s importance. I personally think I allow stress to build up when dealing with different work loads and getting everything done during the same week. Also not having the best environments and […]