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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Web Design Hell

How does a web design go straight to hell? Find out here in this hilarious comic posted on the Oatmeal: I want to share this with you because one of my professors shared it with me, and I love it. I find this comic so brilliant because it is able to effectively communicate a big […]

Spot the Difference

As designers, we know that revision is key to any project that we are working on. Even those very minor details that other people may not notice at all and wouldn’t bother changing for any reason. But to us designers, everything matters. Everything. For example, check out this change made by Google earlier this year:     Can you […]

Movie Poster Shockers!

One of my favorite things to do when I finally get time to relax is watch a movie. But imagine my shock when I walk past a giant sign and actually recognize the typeface used on the movie poster! So here’s my main issue: while I plan to go into some kind of editorial work […]

3D Printing

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about 3D printing and how it’s supposed to become the next big thing in technology. I, for one, still don’t exactly understand how this is supposed to work, but I think the idea of it is pretty amazing. Imagine being able to print out an actual three-dimensional object by […]

A Simple Doodle

  I had a hard time thinking about what my next blog post could be. So like any other person, I went unto google to search. When suddenly, I see the new Google design title. Hint! Hint! That was it! Have you ever wondered where this idea originally came from? And how it has developed? Well […]

Light Up The Night

So you’ve made the decision to get into better shape and you’ve discovered you have a love for exercising at late hours either due to schedule or just the peace it brings you. Congratulations! Every step counts and Nox Gear has the tool to push your workout further by allowing you to take it into […]

Now, you can buy a cup of “Pantone” beer

As a graphic designer, we both know what is the “Pantone”, and we use them a lot on the design process. However, have you ever see a beer with the Pantone label? The breweries and craft beers have led to an explosion of inventive and original beer label designs, with plenty of brilliant beer label […]

Museum Design

What is a museum? It’s basically a place that holds artwork, sculptures, rocks, bugs, etc for people to come and see, right? Lets take The Natural History Museum for example. It holds artifacts from ancient civilizations, to live bugs that creep and crawl. But have you ever just taken a look at the way a […]

Combating Client Nightmares

I’m buzzing with anticipation to jump into the graphic design industry within the next couple years. Like most design students, however, a reoccurring fear of clients becoming the bane of my existence is something that keeps me up at night.   Exaggerations aside, I found a handy dandy guide for handling superfluous comments from clients. It […]

Holy Sink!

Yeah. I know. Awesome right? If I went to someone’s home, and their bathroom sink looked like this one, they probably would think that I fell in because I would be in there playing with this for hours. This sink is such a simple concept and a simple design yet HOLY CRAP it is beautiful. […]