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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Designing a Movie Opening Sequence

Opening sequences for  movies can either  be amazing or a bore fest that you have to sit through in order to get to the movie. However, many movies have created amazing sequences that hook you into the movie before it actually begins. The three sequences I chose are from “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, “Oz: […]

How to design vs. How to be a designer

Recently I’ve just been reflecting on my path as a designer. I’d think about how far I’ve progressed in my education and the caliber of my design skills… Let’s just say that I’m not quite exactly happy. I ask myself, “What is the issue? What is it that makes me feel inadequate as a designer?”. […]

Blending In

Last semester, I had the opportunity to do a research project to one of my favorite artists: Cecilia Paredes. As you can see, Cecilia marks a bridge between art and the real world. In other words, she uses people as mediums and corporates into her paintings. However, her technique is what usually helps her work stand […]

Minimalist Posters Of Famous Films

                                Spanish design firm atipo created a series of 15 movie posters in honor of “Paper Galler.” Each image uses only various colors, textures and manipulations of paper to convey the essence of an entire film. After I saw these posters, […]

About the 4 Elements of Timeless Logo Design

Days ago, I read the article from Bianca Rothschild about four elements of successful logos. There are Stylize, font, color, and package. Here are some thoughts after I read her blog. You will have various idea, once you have a brainstorming, but you must chose the best one of them. Focus on one idea that […]

Working Habits

As a graphic design student, I often take short breaks while working on an assignment. I find that this really helps my work process because it refreshes my mind and helps me concentrate on the actual assignment better. I also like to listen to music while I’m designing because that also helps me tune everything out […]

The Sincerity Machine

Two words: Comic Sans. The much reviled typeface has been used once again to irritate and annoy, but also prove a point. Jesse England rebuilt a typewriter with Comic Sans used as an alternative typeface. He has even gone so far as gluing onto the keys little letters that show just what you’re getting yourself […]

The Wonderful World of Watercolor

Tattoos are permanent body art. They aren’t always done with the best intentions and may not always be perfectly executed, but when done properly, they can be breathtaking. Has anyone here ever heard of watercolor tattoos? They are tattoos that are made to look like watercolor paintings, and I think they are the most beautiful […]

Scary Movies & Scary Posters

I am not a horror movie buff. In fact, I rarely go out to a movie theater. But when I do venture out in search of a movie, it’s usually with my friends, and we all go see a scary movie together. One of the things that I find most interesting about scary movies is […]


Book covers are an excellent example of packaging design. The designer can showcase their ability to compose an attractive cover through thoughtful selection and composition of typography, imagery, and color. I am attracted to series of books that share a cohesive and different design approach from typical covers in that genre.   The colorful elements pop […]