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Monthly Archives: October 2014

The Design Monster

I am a designer. I see design everywhere. I see it in technology, on the printed page, in architectural styles, in clothing choices, in interior design choices. I love the diversity that all these choices give me to see the world from fresh eyes. Halloween is here and it’s great to see the wonderful ideas […]


I don’t have a smartphone but I want one to buy a cool phone case for it. Yes, having a phone with apps that can locate where I am in case I am lost and teach me new languages would be so convenient. However, as a designer I am attracted to the art on the […]

OK – I’m Jealous….

I have just heard of a new app that hopes to give some Adobe products a run for their money: Bohemian Coding’s Sketch 3. Since I found out about it from a graphic designer at a local web design agency, I decided to check it out. Here’s a screen shot from the developer: It looks […]

Movie Packaging Designs

I am a big Blu-Ray collector and I am always looking at which stores are offering special promotions, exclusives or different packaging. Many movie studios offer many different versions of the most popular movies when they release them on DVD and Blu-Ray. What really intrigues me is the amount of detail and design that goes […]

Windows or OS X? – Software Design

  Many people like to compare Windows to the Mac’s OS X software, just like they compare Apple’s iPhone to Samsung’s Galaxy. Comparing the two and discussing which one is better can be like opening up Pandora’s Box because many people like them both. Many people like using windows since its the most common operating […]

Noticeable Car Designs

When you’re walking through a car park what cars do you see? Or more to the point what cars do you take notice, that aren’t yours?   Car designers put a lot of work to make the car’s body safe, functional, or more aerodynamic, but it seems mostly they make it look like any other […]

Electronic Doodling!

Can you imagine drawing anything and creating an electric current? Wait. Let me rephrase that. Is it possible to create light by just drawing simple circuits? YES. The Circuit Scribe is a rollerball pen that obtains “conductive silver ink.” In other words, you can create different types of circuits with just paper and batteries. Once […]

Kern in g is Ke y

As graphic designers we know that what we depict, whether it is words, images, patterns or placements of all the above, the overall design creates a visual meaning. We also know that we have to pay special attention to detail so the meaning is not misconstrued. Things like font choices, word choices, hierarchy choices, image choices, […]

Google Search

Who knew that google had a design search team? I didn’t. From this particular video, something simple such as a search engine has gone under changes to create a better experience for their audience. We’ve probably seen the posts about Google slightly changing the kerning on its lettering. But this video gives us a more behind […]

What is Creativity telling you?

We are all creative individuals. But how many of us listen to what our creativity tells us? Creativity is like an inner-voice that exists within us. It communicates to us in ways that we may not even notice. Some people just instinctively listen to it. They can create and do wondrous things seamlessly. Some people […]